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  1. What You Think

    Saying that "most fiesta st have led a hard life by 55k", that's a generalisation. There will be some that have, like any sportier model of car, and a higher proportion of which will most likely be on various forums, but the vast majority will be just owned by normal people who drive them normally every day. I'm confused about where the ST170 comes into it though, as it's a completely different lump to the Fiesta ST engine. Who's got the hump? Certainly not me, I'm just trying to help the OP.
  2. What You Think

    Age vs mileage, there's not much in it really, and resale value is purely a matter of opinion and how much the buyer wants to pay. If you like the car, and know how much it's going to cost in comparison etc, then why not. It's not as if you're never going to be allowed to change your car ever again if you change your mind! Yes, the ride with be less comfortable than a Focus. It has a shorter wheelbase, so you'll feel the bumps in the road more, and the suspension on the ST is harder. It is meant to be a sport model after all! Way to go on the generalisations by the way artscot79, how many Fiesta ST owners do you actually know? <_<
  3. Indicator Stalk And Switcjh

    There are two variations of the wiper stalks, getting the wrong one will blow the fuses. The difference is the intermittent wipers. The early pumas didn't have the variable intermittant, so you need to make sure you get the right one for your car.
  4. Dials And Clock Night Ilumination On Puma?

    Yes. All pumas had green lights as standard.
  5. Millennium

    The Millennium wasn't issued with a build number. The number plaques that you see on some had to be requested by the first owner (providing they were made aware of them by the dealer that they bought from). The highest number I've ever come across is 600 something, so at least a 3rd of the them didn't get one. Plus a previous owner might have decided to keep the number as a momento.
  6. Recommended Offset

    No need for sarcasm... I was just trying to illustrate that I do actually have some knowledge regarding wheels/offset etc. Sorry if I get annoyed by an unhelpful reply to a perfectly serious and honest question. :( That the recommended offset has been found through trial and error is both helpful and reassuring, as I don't always trust supposed experts and retailers who don't always get their facts correct.
  7. I'd say it's a pretty easy job, so long as you have the ability to take your calipers off the car. I've known plenty of people to use a normal spray can of paint, but if you want to play safe, there's plenty of high temperature paints around. Sand the calipers down to remove any surface corrosion, primer and paint. The longer you can have the brakes off the car to let the paint dry between coats, the better. Alternatively, buy a second set off ebay, and practice on them. You'll have a spare set, and can swap and change the colour whenever you feel like it! :D: Just make sure you take the pads and discs off before you start spraying... ;)
  8. Recommended Offset

    Not really. And that's not exactly a helpful reply. The offset is the distance between the hub mounting surface and the centre line. When it's measured, it isn't anything to do with the width of the wheel. That only comes into the equation when you're looking at the increase or decrease in clearance to the bodywork. The standard wheels are 6.5j, most aftermarket 16" and 17" wheels are 7. If the offset were the same on both, then the clearance would decrease by the same amount on both the inner and outer edges of the wheel. Taking an example of wheels I've been looking at today, the offset is 42. Compared to the standard wheels, there is 4mm increase in clearance on the inner edge, but it decreases by 17mm on the outer edge. So back to my original query, which I will rephrase in an attempt to make it clearer. Is why does the standard offset not fall into the range prescribed by the 'recommended' offset. As this effectively increases the track by up to 21mm on each side, and which will undoubtedly foul on the arches at some point. To have the same inner clearance, the offset would need to be 46, so why is that not in the 'recommended' range?
  9. Recommended Offset

    I've trawled all over t'internet and the consensus is that the recommended offset range for the MK6 Fiesta (02-08) is ET38 TO ET42. However, when you look up the standard Ford wheels, they all quote the offset as ET52.5. Are Ford measuring their offset differently to everyone else (to the wheel face, rather than the hub mounting surface)? Or is there some other peculiarity that I'm missing?
  10. Summer Meet Anyone?

    I'm already going to be at Ford Fair - was going to be on the Project Puma stand, but I'm part-exing my Puma in two days ( :D :D ) for a 2005 Zetec S TDCi - so I'm not going to be on the stand, but parking in the public car park and hitching a ride in the gates with a mate as they don't open to the public until about 9am. It usually is a good day (although it can be a very loooong one if you're on a stand), with plenty to see and plenty of trade stands and auto jumble. I just mentioned it so that it didn't clash with anything, but if you do go, I'll be hanging around the pumas still.
  11. Summer Meet Anyone?

    Don't forget 7th August is Ford Fair. Just a thought. B)
  12. FOC Age group Poll!

    Looking at the results is enough to make you feel old! Bleedin' youngesters..!!
  13. Greetings From Cambridgeshire

    Hopefully, if nothing else, I'll be sticking flyers on every Zetec S at Ford Fair! I'll enjoy not having the current of the oil consumption, if nothing else! Thanks! :D
  14. Right, so where do I start? I'm Cherie, and the word Ford runs through me like the words in a stick of rock! Apart from my very first car (D reg Austin Metro), all my cars have been Fords, and I'm about to pick up my 9th one on Saturday! I've been a Puma owner for the last 4 years, and for the last 3 I've had a Millennium edition Puma - the bright yellow one with Recaro interior. Unfortunately the engine was using and losing oil at a stupid rate, so for peace of mind, I'm trading her in for a 2005 MK6 Fiesta Zetec S TDCi with 35k on it. The only downside is the lack of extras and the aftermarket alloys it currently has. I'm on the hunt for a set of standard alloys, but that's a post for a different section of the forum. B)