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  1. I had over reving problem turned out to be a split breather pipe at the back of the engine I replaced it now its fine
  2. Just had a new set of front discs and pads fitted and tyres which were balanced when put onand also replaced a worn track rod end,but there seems to be vibration still at about 50 to 60 mph the only thing I've not had done is wheel alignment could this be the reason or could it be a worn bush elsewhere its doing my head in anyone have any ideas on this a friend of mine said I could have a buckled wheel and that I should change the front wheels with the back to see if it is a buckled wheel any suggestions guys
  3. Strange Misfire / Speedo Failure - Linked?

    had that problem for months and ive just changed the speed sensor today the speedo is now reading and the car is running smoothly again but the speedo dial has a little twitch ie will move up and down a centimetre or so from the correct speed every now and then,it has been fitted correctly,maybe there is something else that assists the speedo ?,spent an hour trying to get the bleeding thing out as well
  4. just noticed a knocking sound today so i have just checked and noticed the near side back bottom part of the bush has snapped off and need to get to work tomorrow is this dangerous to drive,any advice would be very much appreciated
  5. there are no other lights on that shouldnt be and its the digital milage and trip display below the speedo dial,also the car cut out twice on the way back from work which it has never done,thanks for the reply
  6. was driving down the road and suddenly my speedo has stopped working and the digital display is now showing dashes only,the rev counter and the fuel and petrol gauges are still reading normal,any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks martyn
  7. Whineing Power Steering

    my power steering has started whineing when i turn to park or pull out ive checked the fluid level and its ok.has anybody had this before ive googled it and most are saying it could be trapped air,has anyone got any ideas on what it can be and how to fix it cost wise,thanks martync
  8. Modifications

    hello peeps this is my first topic so go easy on me,just a question really do stainless full systems and induction kits make any real difference to your car and if yes what could i do to make my 1.8 zetec petrol focus perform better its a totally standard car at the moment,thanks for reading