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  1. ford fiesta heaters

    ttt please, FREEZING! Does anyone else have any suggestions?
  2. Mine 1.3i N reg... does the exact same... at a loss... if i find out before you i'll shout :)
  3. crash :(

    totally doable, there are so many out there spares or repair! Get cracking and don't let it put you off :):)
  4. I've had my ghia around 15months, she had done 106,000 miles when i bought her and had had some welding done... now 15months on i've done almost another 30,000 miles on her, a days welding, two or three services and replaced the air bypass valve... Her MOT is due in March 2009 and i know she wont pass without at least one more days full welding on her, she leaks badly! It's looking likely i will have to replace the clutch soon, possibly the idle valve and also the heater stat valve or matrix perhaps... what i want to know is - how long will it live and is it worth me doing all of this to her... will i then continue to get a further 30,000 miles use from her do you think? I know a car only lasts as long as it's maintenance does but with already high mileage i would like to know what i can roughly expect from it... Has anyone else been served this well by their Ghia?
  5. Kangaroo Petrol

    My 1995 fiesta ghia has recently started to have "kangaroo petrol" when travelling in second, third and fourth gear... If i maintain some contact with the throttle she seems fine but the second i come off it is like a mini misfire. The revs remain the same and i don't think it can possibly be a misfire as it is so constant... She had a recent service, ht leads, plugs, oil etc so should be ok? Can anyone shed any light?
  6. over revving

    My 1995 ghia used to do this also, she started at 2000rpm and came down to about 1200rpm after about a minute... I think it is the idle valve myself. Mine now does this to a lesser degree because she also seemed to have "kangaroo petrol" and the rev's randomly went up and down so i had the air bypass valve replaced... that knocked the bunny revs on the head and it calmed the start up revs for a year or so but now it does seem to idle high again so will look at replacing this too :)
  7. ford fiesta heaters

    This is useful to me too as my 1995 ghia always had excellent heating until recently and now it seems to blow freezing air constantly, so much so that it freezes any condensation inside the car! We had thought it to be the stat valve... I can't live without heating a day longer!!!
  8. How should clutch be??

    My clutch is really high to bite but i suspect it is on it's way out now as it also slips a little in second... holdawayt where did you purchase a new clutch from and was it expensive? Mine is a 1995 but probably won't pass the next MOT anyway, took a full day's welding to get it through this one :)