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  1. Day off tomorrow only means one thing... LAY IN :)

  2. It's 9.15pm and its still warm. This is mad.

  3. arrgghhh its too hot :(

  4. Soo tired but least its sunny and hot :)

  5. Feels so weird not working on a saturday :)

  6. Hi everyone Ive got some light scratches on my windscreen which are starting to stand out now. Just looking for some advice on what to do and if any of you have had the same sort of thing and how did you get it sorted. Im hoping to be able to do it with out having to fork out a lot of money getting it done. Cheers in advance :)
  7. hi im looking for some help basically, i want to install some speakers in the rear of my car now as its a 3dr and it is only a style+ it doesnt have them fitted in the rear so does anyone know what size speakers would fit and is it easy to install ( would also like a step by step if possible if someones done it them selves ) as im not brilliant with ice unfortunately. Any help would be great. Cheers Guys!!
  8. To wash the car or to not wash the car that is the question :)

  9. Creaking Noise - Mk7

    I had the same problem with mine and i found out in the end that it is the steering columm, when the car goes in for its first service it is meant to have some grease put around the bottom joint to prevent it from binding, creaking and some times clunky while steering, its a free job under warranty but also it is a fault from ford as it is meant to last till 60,000 miles which it doesnt so i recomended you taking it back to ford and get them to sort it out as they are meant to do it on the first service. LOL :)
  10. My Ride ! :)

  11. Is !Removed! starving come on food! Arrggghhh

  12. My Ride

    just a few pictures of my ride! :)