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  1. Carpark Fairy

    i usually park at the furthest point from the entrance as i find the idiots allways seem to wont to park as close to the entrance as possible.I'm sure some would like to drive around the supermarket so they dont have to use the dangly bits hanging under their backside.
  2. Carpark Fairy

    Thanks for your help Charlie ordered and paid for now awaiting delivery.
  3. Carpark Fairy

    Would have been nice to have left a note saying sorry if nothing else.
  4. Carpark Fairy

    what a Star you are i did a search and could only find an Offside one
  5. Carpark Fairy

    had a visit from the carpark fairy today who took it upon his or her self to proceed to smash the indicator fitted to my nearside wing mirror the colour coded cover seems to have survived though.Would any of you chaps happen to have a part number and price for replacement indicator. Heers hoping
  6. Main Dealers Lost The Plot

    Recently i had cause to visit the main dealers due to a starting fault.This was eventually diagnosed as a faulty Battery which wasn't covered by ford three year warranty.Wallet lighter by £170.00 (diagnose and Battery).Today i received an email telling me my first registered 01/03/11 focus sport is due for an Mot ?????, i think they have lost the plot or has the law been changed lol.
  7. Push Button Start

    Well guys had the car back in the main Dealers who have now decided that the fault is the vehicle Battery and this is not covered by ford warranty (Car first registration March 2011) ford have advised battery is only covered for 12 months on new vehicles,So because this is not a warranty repair i had to pay for the Diagnostic check circa £80.00 plus the Battery all told total cost £180.00.
  8. Push Button Start

    Thanks Arthur just had it in at the main dealers Bristol street ford who have said no fault found and no faults stored in the Ecu.will have to see how it goes over the next few days if no better it will be returned to the dealers but any further info from owners is still greatfully received.
  9. Push Button Start

    Yeh just recently when the ambient temp seems to be a little low it trys to engage the starter motor but stops short of turning the engine over.After a few attempts it starts.
  10. Push Button Start

    Anyone had any problems with their push button start
  11. My Build Thread-- Preee

    Excellent Motor Preee (Says he green with envy) looking forward to the progress you make with subtle yet useful mods
  12. Ford Focus Roof Bars Sealant Question

    Hi guys i did exactly the same couple of small bolt with a rubber "o" ring to seal just in case not had any problems over the last 8 months.
  13. Mk2 Interior Light

    A tad pricey for a couple of additional led's me thinks.Maybe a visit to the breakers yard ??
  14. Ford Focus Satnav Volume.

    If i remember correctly i had the same issue when i first got mine zetec s try turning the volume knob up when the sat nav is giving audible directions this should then stay in memory for good.
  15. Mk2 Interior Light

    Nice Job Stoney been looking for one myself no luck at the mo