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  1. Shame it's not a couple of days later as I come over on the 16th to get a tattoo so would have come along and had a look what you guys had to offer =[
  2. ahh ok, thought they were heated with the leather pack. I was worried when I ordered my titanium whether or not they'd be heated leathers, but they are lol so it's all good. He still has a great looking car though, Panther Black is a great colour =]
  3. Looks good =] One thing though, you have non heated leather seats? That's rather strange...
  4. On the Induction kit side of things, I'd definitely recommend the J1 Automotive induvtion kit. It's highly regarded as the best induction kit for the mk7 fiesta. It sounds amazing, pretty quiet until you boot it, then after 3.5k it roars, it's pretty addictive lol
  5. give it a good hard tug :P It does seem like you're going to break something but give it a bit of force and it should pop out
  6. Never been a fan of the Team Heko ones, just look a little strangely shaped to me lol It is an improvement though =]
  7. I know this was an issue with the mk6 but I haven't heard it with the mk7. Mine has certainly never done it. Keep an eye on it and if you notice anything else, take it to the dealership to have a look at it =]
  8. The switch isn't too hard to fit, well taking all the plastic off is a bit of a bugger but iNath has a video tutorial for it, then the wire should be there, just plug in and go =] I fitted mine a couple of months ago and I love it lol, makes life much easier in the snow. I can't remember how much it was from the ford dealer but I think it was around £32 after I haggled a little bit ;)
  9. I can't get any kind of voice control with the DAB, only AM/FM It seems like ford may have missed out the commands for DAB =[
  10. Black and chrome, looks much better when colourcoded to the car ]]
  11. Gotta be the titanium, it costs about the same as a zetec s if you add a few goodies to each but the titanium has much more spec and with a couple of options like the full dress up kit and the titanium x pack, it looks great. Yeah, it costs me about £150 more to insure but it's a great little car and more uniqe than a zetec s. Here is mine
  12. I meant the vinly that you have on your front bumper, not the grille itself. I'm also on on ZSOC, that's my thread, although ive had a couple of changes since then.
  13. I'm pretty sure that the people who have done that have had the bumper wrapped in black vinyl not sprayed, mainly because it's easily reversable. I've seen a couple up close and they don't look bad.
  14. cant say ive noticed that either, or the rattle, but tbh I have my music that loud I wouldnt notice if I had a group of mexican midgets playing la cucaracha in my boot :P
  15. I also got one from Lez =] Mine's a titanium and it doesn't look too bad although I am thinking about getting it chrome plated at some point if it's not too expensive
  16. I'm guessing you bought brand new? If so, why not order it with push button start?
  17. I'm guessing that aftermarket heated seats would be such a hassle to install as you'd have to cut open the seats and probably retrim it. Another option would be to look around for a set of heated leathers from another ZS and fit them, I'm assuming that the heating elements would still work as everything is contained within the seat.
  18. That's basically what I have lol. Or if you want a more basic "titanium S" then you get the 1.6 titanium with dress up kit and titanium x pack (17" wheels and full heated leather) This has the same engine and looks as a zetec s (with a bit more chrome) the only thing missing is the "sport" suspension (10mm lower) and sport seats (bigger bolsters but tbh the standard seats are fine anyway) this is all mk7 though...
  19. nope, not that I know of
  20. Yeah, ONETrueSaturday is correct, It's tape to avoid polishing bits you don't want to polish =] Very Tron if you ask me
  21. lol had to =] Well this is the only other rear end shot that I have
  22. Thank god I opted for the interior pack 2 lol, seems like so much effort
  23. I have a panther black titanium with the dress up kit and the bumpers/sideskirts are a different shade of black =[ Only really noticable in direct sunlight though.
  24. wow caps lock does turn off you know... What size engine do you have? For the 1.6 Ti-VCT engine, the general oppinion is that the J1 Automotive kit works the best, sounds great too, but tbh I don't know about any other engine size because I havn't looked, I'm sure that someone will be able to shed more light though.