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  1. Candy Red Paint

    Thanks for the info guys
  2. Where Is Everyone From?

    Hillingdon, West London
  3. Candy Red Paint

    Hi all, anyone got any help on cleaning a new Candy Red Focus TX. I usually go to my local hand car wash, but I am thinking the car is only 3 weeks old so do I need to be doing anything different to the Candy Red paintwork i.e. polish/wax,what types. Any help would be appreciated Kev P.s Can't fault the car yet!!!! (2.0L powershift diesel, driver assist, privacy, 18"alloys)
  4. Want A 2.o Tdci Focus Forget It, Don't Order It

    Hi all, ordered my Candy Red Focus TitaniumX 2.0 litre Diesel powershift on the 30th june, it is now at the dealership having its PDI "WHOOPPEE HAPPY DAYS" and 20% extra discount on Ford insurance for having the driver assist pack Kev
  5. New Ford Focus Titanium

    Hi tomo2001 Nice looking colour, Did you ask for the Titanium badge to be removed, or was it just not there?
  6. New Powershift Box

    Cut from a post by adzmcp Official form Ford All models ordered form Factory exept 2.0TDCi or 2.0TDCi Powershift 8-12 weeks Contract to gate release. Gate Release to Dealer 6 Weeks - Total 18 weeks tops from fresh factory order 2.0TDCi Manuel & Powershift 18-22 Weeks Contract to gate release. Gate Release to Dealer 6 Weeks - Total 28 Weeks tops from fresh factory order With summer shut down happening too over the next few weeks this is why so long
  7. On the nightshift making everyones favorite biscuits and very bored!!!

  8. New Powershift Box

    Has anyone had delivered or has had any dates for delivery for new Focus's with powershift. Cheers Kev
  9. New Focus

    Hi focus3man, I ordered my candy red titaniun x powershift with app pack and driver assist one a week ago, nothing mentioned about shortage of paint! did you get a delivery estimate for yours Kev
  10. New Focus

    Yep dead right, manuals are a pain in the butt sitting in traffic on the M25, M4, A40, well just about every road to the West of London. Kev
  11. New Focus

    Hi, yea, it is from Dagenham Ford and as for the powershift I have read a little "double clutch, preselect gear type jobby" just wanted an auto really Kev
  12. New Focus

    Hi All, first post after just finding this forum. I have just placed an order for a Focus 2.0 Titanium X(163) Powershift Candy Red 18" Alloys Appearance Pack Driver assistance pack no delivery date as yet! £24000 have I been done or is this good? Has anyone got a powershift yet?