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  1. Hi Guys took her to ford in the end, they plugged her in to their computer and found out that there was no power getting to the canbus module, corrosion on the power connection, this is what was messing the clocks and the pats about, all running ok now, price at ford was only £144.00 Thank again.
  2. Hi, If it's the front bearing, and if your focus is a MK2 it should have Gen2 bearings, which requires a special tool, you can get one off ebay for around £150.00. if you don't already have one taking it to a local garage could work out cheaper. if its rear and you have disks the bearing should bolt on with a new hub, that how they fit on my focus estate.
  3. Hi Clive, I have contacted them and waiting for a reply, will let you know how I get on.
  4. Thanks Guys, for all the info, (Peter, thanks for the link )
  5. Hi All My focus MK2 won't start, No crank and the pats light flashing, as any one had this problem. this is how the clocks go, the pat light flashes fast. then after a short time the pats light flashes 1 then 6 flashes and keeps repeating 1 then 6 flashes.
  6. Hi try changing the throttle pedal, it should be an electronic type, easy to do your self, but it will cost you a bit, the last time I got one it was around £90, I was lucky I had two cars the same so I could swap the throttle pedals to test before I got one.
  7. Got it, the chain from the crank to the pump on the 1.8 tdci is call a wet chain, I have never needed to replace one, if it needed to be replaced it is a big job. mine has got over 145000 miles and runs fine.
  8. Hi, is it wet with oil or water, and did you take the cover off to have a look, as it sounds your not to sure because you said belt or chain?
  9. Hi Peter, My best guess would be that you have damaged the sensor or its not been fitted back right.
  10. Hi Ben, you may need to change the resister control pack for the heater blower if it is burned out, the air con will not work, Its easy to change, its in the side of the heater (passenger side) will cost you about £25 recommend getting it from a ford outlet.
  11. Hi, Is your heater blower working on all speed setting.
  12. Steve

    Happy Birthday alz!

  13. cleaning the carpet should do the trick, rug doctor carpet cleaner from morrissons are ok for this, they have a long pipe, good for doing cars.
  14. Hi Dan, don't push any thing in to the heater unit as there are two matrix units inside one for air con and one for the heater, just clean the heater unit pipe with a cotton bud, and use water to clean rubber pipe if its not blocked you will see the water come out under the car.