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  1. Central Locking Help

    Hi all. A friend of mine has a Ford Maverick and the lock in the drivers door is usless and he is now unable to lock it. The fobs are out os sync / code so cannot use them either. He has bought a Scorpion alarm system which we have partly fitted. All he wants to use it for is to operate the central locking on the car. I have the wiring diagram for the alarm system but need to know which wires to tap into on the driver door central lockin solenoide. Can anyone advise which wires to tap into please?
  2. 2.0 Duratec Non Starter

    Thank you very much for that. Wayne
  3. 2.0 Duratec Non Starter

    Hi Big D. Thanks for that but I doubt that is the problem. When I put direct 12v to the pump bypassing everything else it still does not work. Wayne
  4. 2.0 Duratec Non Starter

    That would be great thanks. Wayne
  5. 2.0 Duratec Non Starter

    It is making a noise but not like it would do if pumping fuel. It's not exactly a ticking, but a silgle tic as it tries to move but can't. I'm now looking for info on getting the tank out.
  6. 2.0 Duratec Non Starter

    I have put direct 12 volt to the pump from a spare battery. There is a small spark when the wires touch and the pump tries to operate. So I think either there is muck trapped but very much doubt that or it has seized where it has been not submersed in fuel for a long time. Would filling the tank and trying it work or would that be a waste of time?
  7. 2.0 Duratec Non Starter

    I have checked the fuel pump relay and this is working. I will try direct 12v to the pimp. That's the only thing I haven't tried yet.
  8. 2.0 Duratec Non Starter

    Thank you. I did notice something earlier when testing the wiring. I connected my test light and when turned the ignition on the light came on but only for a few seconds. Roughly about the same length of time as the pump to prime. So the system is thinking the pump is there? I have used a soft hammer to hit the top of the fuel pump access panel had hoped thet the shock might just be enough to get the pup working but this jhad no effect. I'll see if I can find someone with a spare pump I can try before removing the whole tank. Wayne
  9. 2.0 Duratec Non Starter

    Hi again all. I'm pretty sure it is the pump. Can I check if anyone knows the wiring. There is access to the pump from under the seat, however to remove the pump looks like I have to remove the tank. There are 4 wires 2 for the pump and 2 for the level. Thick GREEN with a Brown tracer - I assume this is the live for the pump? Thin WHITE with red tracer - live for the sender? Thin BLACK with blue tracer - negative for the sender? Thick BLACK - I assume this is the negative for the pump? Putting a multimeter accross the thick Green & Black I am getting 12v. Wayne
  10. 2.0 Duratec Non Starter

    Do not hear any sound from the pump at all. I know that on most cars you would hear a quick buzz then it would go quiet. This is the pump priming the system. I'm not hearing that at all. Ok I'll have to lift the seats and see if there is access otherwise looks like dropping the tank. Wayne
  11. 2.0 Duratec Non Starter

    Hi thanks for the input. Yes it is definatley petrol plus diesel dont need a coil pack! LOL Anyway yes the engine turns over no problem. It did start and run for a whole 2 seconds! now just turns over. I did have someone turn the key while I listened at the fuek filler (with it open) and could not hear anything. How do I get to the pump? Do I need to drop the tank or di lift the rear seats and access it from there? Wayne
  12. I have a 51 plate Mondeo. It has FSH. I bought it in June and the only thing it needed was a new coil pack which is why the previous owner was selling. I replaced that and has been fine ever since. I parked it up in October 12 and not used it since. I di once remove the battery to jump start another car then refitted it. Have not tried to start the mondeo since oct 12. I noticed a bout a week ago that the alarm light in the clock was not flashing so I have had it on trickle charge for about 4 days. I needed to move it today and when I tried it started and it ran for about 2 seconds and then stopped. I was aware that whe I parked it up it was very low on fuel and as my drive is on a slope thought there might not be enough fuel for the pump. I put a fresh gallon in and still no joy. Battery has plenty of life. Eventually put the car in reverse and got it off the drive winding it on the starter motor. Once on level ground tried again and still not starting. The only thing I can find is a possible fuel problem. I had someone try to start the car while I derpessed the bleed nipple on the fuel rail. I was expecting fuel to spray out but nothing. The fuse for the pump seems fine and I tested the pump relay and this is also working. Could this have anything to do with either when I removed the battery or with the batter going flat? Could the code between ECU & key be corrupted? Coiuld the pump be seized where it has not been sitting in any fuel? Not sure what to try next. Thanks.
  13. Speed Sensor

    Hi everyone. I have fitted a 2.0 DOHC EFI engine with a type 9 gearbox. I have the loom & ECU but told I need a Speed Sensor. My gearbox does not have the required sensor or anywhere to fit one. What are my options please regarding type of sensor and where to fit one on my car. I have bought one from Ebay - a terratrip gearbox probe but do not see anywhere to fit it also it has 3 wires comming from it and the wiring loom only seems to only have one? It is possible I'm wrong about this though. Please can you help withe advice.
  14. Exhausted!

    Hi can anyone here tell me what diameter the exhaust tubing is for a Sierra/Granada 2.0 DOHC I4 engine. I have fitted a I4 engine in my car and need to modify the exhaust system to suit. I am looking to get a front pipe as haven't got one but in the mean time I need to know the diameter so I can get a reducer to fit my existing system. Can anyone help? By the way anyone on here from up in the South Yorkshire area? Thanks Wayne.
  15. Wiring Diagramme

    Hi everyone. Can anyone please help me. I am need of a wiring diageam for an 8v 2.0 DOHC Sierra I have bought an engine wich came with the loom but there are a few wires that have been cut and I need to know how to adapt it to fit my vehicle. Can anyone post a wiring diagramme or email one to me please? One fron a Scorpio Granada might also do as they used the same engine. Also is anyone breaking either a Sierra or Granada 2.0 DOHC? I have mated my engine to a type 9 gearbox but think that I need to use a different flywheel as I have no movement in the release arm. Also can I use a starter from a Pinto or a CVH engine? Thanks Wayne