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  1. Air-Con Steel Pipe..

    Down the right side of the engine bay on my 05 Ranger is a steel pipe coupled to the air-con. This pipe is always dripping with condensation and is freezing cold all it's length..(it's always 32+ degrees here in Thailand) My dumb-!Removed! question is..should this pipe be lagged? Would slipping polystyrene lagging improve the efficiency of the system? Was it originally fitted with insulation when new?? Any comments welcome..This is general air-con question, not just for Rangers I guess..? Cheers now.
  2. Cam Belt

    Andrew-lad. Yes, the cam-belt change is recommended around 60,000m. Here in Thailand the belt change is done by roadside garages, but also the main thing is to replace the tensioner bearing at the same time..yes the bearings DO go unnoticed/unattended.... ouch!
  3. Ranger input

    Chubbs..did ya buy an '05 Ranger..or still undecided?? My limited info on them from here in Thailand (same as UK models) are good for carrying loads/pulling trailers...this is due to the lower gearing than many other pick-ups. Good 2nd-hand prices there in UK. XLT model is a comfortable drive. Since 2005 pick-ups have got much nicer inside..the 05 can look a bit simple by comparison. The cam belts need changing every 80-100 thou. Kms, but not forget to replace the tensioner bearing also. Use good fuel, and do not run the tank right down to 'empty'..this action makes the engine run hotter, and head gasket problems have been known. It IS a bit more thirsty than some other trucks..Toyota Vigo does 90-95 kph at 2000rpm, the '05 Ranger will only do 80kph at same revs. Changing the air filter every 6 months for a new one is essential for decent mpg. The rear seats in the 4-door model has the passenger sat quite upright. Otherwise my '05 XLT drives well, and so far is a good truck...best ones.. U.S.
  4. Loose Gear-Lever.

    Have just got an '05 XLT. Nice truck, drives well, but the gear-lever has to much free movement side to side..40 ton HGVs have a smoother shift than this one..the gears DO select fine..just the slap on the lever makes the change feel un-sure. Any simple answer to this one..worn bush on selector? some linkage come loose on top of g/box? Anyone had/have this glitch?? Cheers now.. U.S.
  5. Hey There You Lot..

    After trawling Google for ages trying to find a site that offers info on Rangers made here..I've finally found you lot. The Ranger I just bought is an '05 XLT Hi-Rider. (Yes I know there's 6+ thousand miles between Here and the UK, but Thai models & UK ones are nearly the same. I am just so,so fed up with typing-in 'Ford Ranger' on Google and up comes page after page of American-spec trucks (150's etc) Hope in future months I can enjoy using this forum with positive feedback... Cheer now.. U.S.