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  1. Thinking Of Getting New Kuga

    hello looking to change my mk3 Focus 2.0 diesel powershift hatch for a Kuga titx, same engine & gearbox as my Focus. Anyone out there running this spec. Whats it like on fuel and is the powershift suited to the Kuga. ( had no trouble whats so ever on my focus or on my previous mk2.5 Focus powershift) Any other pros and cons thanks in advance Alan
  2. Stolen Keys

    hi have you checked with your insurance, if you have fully comp cover for the key might be included focus3man
  3. Diesel Aux Heater

    hi cuke yes thats the one but on my facelift mk 2 it actually came up on the dash to say the auxillary heater was on. at the time i asked the dealers about the timer setting on it but the timer bit was not a uk option. i will try tomorrow if it is as cold as what they say it will be. thanks
  4. Diesel Aux Heater

    hi now we seem to be getting the winter weather, i was looking on my new 2.0 diesel titanium for the auxillary heater. on my last focus diesel when the weather was cold enough the aux heater would come on if the heater was set to max. on the info panel under the speedo and tacho the message would tell you the aux heater was on. does anyone know if the new focus has a similar setup and how to get it to work with auto climate. thanks
  5. hi again been reading through the manual and checking things out. i noticed i did not have a radio code. i emailed the dealer and he replied that the new focus doesn't have one because the radio is built into the dash. but the radio was built into the dash on my last 58 plate focus and i am sure that had a code card, though i never needed it. i wondered if other owners could check their information packs to see if there is a code for their cars. thanks in advance allan
  6. hi everyone picked up my new focus yesterday (saturday 12th) feels and drives great, spent most of the afternoon programming everything in before going for a run in it. fantastic. last word, sorry in a way to say goodbye to my old focus (58 reg 2.0 diesel titanium with sport pack in panther black). really good car which never gave any problems. whoever buys it as got themselves a brilliant motor
  7. hooray car arrived at dealers today 2.0 diesel titanium powershift, frozen white, app and con pack should be able to pick it up next friday approx 20 weeks after ordering
  8. hi to all you new owners, what are your opinions on the build quality of your new focus. also when you went to pick up your new car were there any issues that you spotted whilst checking the car over that should have been picked up on the pdi. one last thing, has the sound insulation improved. on my present focus a 2.0 diesel titanium powershift, the tyre noise is the only thing that lets it down. thanks soon to be new focus owner
  9. hi again anyone know what port they use to ship the focus from saarlouis to the uk and which uk port do they put into. also how long is the voyage. can't wait thanks
  10. hi sent an email to my dealer today and have just received this reply. The car left the port yesterday and is currently being shipped across to Britain. the eta date to dealer is week ending 5th november in reality they normally arrive before this date I will update when the car is showing a status in this country. so here's hoping i will soon have my new focus
  11. New Powershift Box

    hi i was in dealership today, salesman confirmed delay. my 2.0 diesel titanium powershift, Convenience & appearance pack has a build date of october so looking at a november delivery (perhaps)ordered last week in june. he said it's not a problem with the powershift box but a valve on the engine (should have asked which valve)which is made in japan. supplies now coming through. focus3man
  12. New Focus

    hi bmwtouring approx end of september, so is about 12 - 14 weeks
  13. New Focus

    marky04 lovely car ordered mine 2 weeks ago. titanium 2.0 diesel powershift app and conv packs, could not decide on the colour, i wanted candy red but the dealer said the plant that produces the colour in japan is next to the nuclear plant, so it is out of operation. i don't know if it is just me but the other colours available for the focus are not very appealing so i have chosen white and seeing your photo's i am glad i did thanks for posting them