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  1. Ford Focus (2001) Interior Door Trim Strip?

    hi no the other one wasnt with the car, ive actually seen the bit i need on most ford focus interior expecially the st170 but i didnt want to buy the whole door card just for the plastic strip
  2. Ford Focus (2001) Interior Door Trim Strip?

    hi so are you saying its not possible to get hold of? my passenger door has the strip attached, but its held on by clips which on my drivers door has clearly snapped off
  3. Ford Focus (2001) Interior Door Trim Strip?

    oh yer i remember now.....
  4. Ford Focus (2001) Interior Door Trim Strip?

    hi i would if i knew how lol
  5. hi all im looking for a silver plastic long strip that i believe clips to the inside off the upper door trim, mines snapped off, but the passenger door has a silver long plastic strip? anyone know what its called and does any1 have one for sale?
  6. Central Locking Issue

    hiya since i posted the topic ive been outside trying to sort it, its wierd cos i went straight outsidet after posting the original topic and it all worked fine by the key!! i then opened the bonnet to check my oil and when i closed the bonnet and pressed the key to lock, it started unlocking again! i sat in the car and the drivers side does seem abit quite than the rest of the doors etc, but you can here it functioning...... what ive noticed is, is that if you lock the drivers door manually with the key so then all doors are locked, then unlock the car via pressing the key THEN lock the car via the key it works! but if i open the door and shut the door, then press the key to lock it will unlock straight away! so i have to lock the door via the key then unlock by pressing the key, then lock again pressing the key!
  7. Central Locking Issue

    hi guys when locking my focus via the push button key the car locks itself fine BUT then unlocks straight away, if i lock the car by inserting the key in the drivers door, the whole car locks fine really annoying! ive checked all doors are shut so i dont know why this has just now happened?? any ideas on fixing? whats causing it, is it an easy fix?
  8. hi i dont know about the flip out key but my bro inlaw changed my standard key fob within a minute just make sure u change the transponder (thats what i was confused about) it looks like a little bulb, u just need to take that part out and change it to the new key.....and took him 15 seconds to program the new mondeo key to work with my car, if u dont change that part i dont think the car will start although the central locking will work p.no worrys about high jacking were all here to help!
  9. Petrol Smell

    hi guys, any ideas? will be much appreciated
  10. hi guys when starting my focus up in the morning (2.0 zetec) after about 5-6 seconds theres a strong smell of petrol outside the car to the rear and alittle smokey (white) this clears once you give it a rev and then the smell starts to dissappear, no smell inside car any ideas?????
  11. hi guys another problem this morning! i started the car up and it started fine but it was a little smokey (white) for about 5 seconds and it smelt of petrol, outside of the car????
  12. thanks mate so regarding the groggy start up issue, shall i just change the plugs or would it be better to change the coil pack, there both about the same price but what would you do first to eliminate? if it is plugs first do u have any decent recommendations on plugs?
  13. good news guys, my bro inlaw just popped round with aa mondeo key and he changed over the transponder bit , glass tube with rubber mounting and the car now works and starts!! :) only thing i noticed is that when u press lock once it locks the passenger door only first then when u press a 2nd time it locks the drivers, so u have to press the lock button twice to lock the car does that sound right??? also regarding the starting problem, do u think it would be a good idea to put a fresh set of plugs in first before changing the coil? could it just be the plugs???? thanks for your help! well pleased so far!
  14. hi thanks whats the transponder chip, is it the green circuit board? so i need to take out the chip from the key i buy? and replace with mine? How come the guy got the central locking working on another key though? i thought u just buy a key and just programme it aand it would work? i think it was serviced yesterday but i noticed when u start it it struggles abit to start then u rev it, sometimes it sounds abit juddery, so i thought coil pack but i dont know what to do?
  15. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help on a couple of issues i have. I just brought a 2.0 zetec 2001 (y-reg) ford focus and the dealer handed me the keys to which i tried unlocking the door and nothing, the key wasnt working. The guy opened up the keyfob and there was no battery in the key, he didnt have a spare battery to hand so he grabbed another ford mondeo key to show me how to program my focus once getting a battery and his mondeo key worked fine on my car when he programmed it infront of me (turning key on/off 4 times until a bleep) Anyway to cut a long story short i brought a new battery, fitted it to my key and i try to programe it but the key still doesnt work on any of the 3 buttons. Can i just buy another 2nd hand ford key (as ive seen loads on ebay) and program that, i think along the line someone has tried with the key i have as the casing inside (plastic) the key is broke.. Thats my 1st prob so i hope some one can enlighten me! another problem is that when i start the car its abit grumpy as it starts, once you rev it it idles fine but its like its very grogey as it fires up, i thought coilpack?????? but i didnt want to get a new one if it wasnt the case soi thought id ask someone on here?? Hope someone can help???