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  1. Hi all, Im having an air con problem im hoping someone can help me with. I have had the air con serviced and they found a leak where the pipes were joining so they fixed it, oiled it and re-gassed the system. I also had the air con belt changed while they were there. Im now having an intermittant problem where only sometimes the clutch is engaging and the air con is working. When I turn the air con on sometimes it comes on straight away and other times it takes a long time. I was travelling down the motorway yesterday with the cruise control on and when the clutch engages you can feel the car judder and the revs drop. When the air con is working its great and really cold but it is completely random of when it will turn itself on and off. Has anyone else had this problem or know what needs replacing? Does the air con clutch have springs like the engine clutch that may be on the way out? Thanks
  2. Or you could try making them like I did out of polished aluminium. Lathe two rings (OD 96mm, ID 74mm I think), then cut the horseshoe shape with a hacksaw and then buff them to a mirror finish before lacquering to make sure they dont tarnish.
  3. St Rear Lights

    Thanks for the help. Thats exactly what I wanted. I was following a ST today and both parts were red and the indicator flashed orange over the red while the brake went a brighter red. Problem I have is that I dont have the clear lights to start with so im looking for either ST rear lights or the MK2.5 rear lights and know i know both fit it has widened my search.
  4. St Rear Lights

    Hi all, I have a 2007 5 door Focus and like the look of the ST rear lights. The year isnt an issue as the ST was also a Mk2 but does anyone know if the ST lights will fit a 5 door as the ST is a 3 door? Cheers
  5. Fuel Filter Upgrade

    Yes it was done by proper company on a rolling road. That makes sense, plus I cant seem to find a high flow one anyway. Thanks for the help.
  6. Fuel Filter Upgrade

    My 2.0 TDCi has been remapped to around 170BHP and I want to change the fuel filter. Now it has increased performance do i need a high flow performance fuel filter or will a regular aftermarket (MANN for example) filter do the job? Is there even any difference with the high flow ones or is it just a money making scam. Cheers
  7. Dtuk Tuning Box

    Well it is a £69 or 25% discount over a new one. I just thought id advertise here first before ebay incase someone was looking for one. If no joy ill put it on ebay and see what happens.
  8. Dtuk Tuning Box

    Hi all, Im selling my DTUK tuning box for my Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi (136PS). Im looking for £200 delivered so if interested please PM me. It is the green ECO version but i was told by DTUK that this is exactly the same as the red power box it is just marketed as a fuel saver to avoid insurance going up. It is in perfect working order and comes boxed as new with all leads needed to fit. Can be fitted in 5 minutes with no cutting of wires. Im selling as im having my DPF removed and i get a free remap with it. Im not sure if im allowed to sell here so sorry if im breaking any rules but i wanted to give the members first refusal before i list it on eBay this weekend.
  9. Outside Temp

    I have a 2007 2.0 TDCi and mine was located on the left side of the bonnet catch under the plastic trim. I was getting high readings too so i moved it to the metal bumper support. Now it doesnt get affected by wind chill or heat from the engine and reads the right temperature.
  10. Glow Plugs

    Thanks for the reply jeebowhite. I did find a youtube video on how to change them on a mondeo but the engine I have only went into the Mondeos from Mk 4. Ive had a look on the front of the engine but i cant see anything that looks like spark plugs. The engine in the video was from a Mk 3 too and the layout was completely different. Ive done loads of searching and the best i can find is that you have to remove the EGR to get at them. I think ive found the EGR as it mentioned a metal pipe at the back of the engine but as i have no idea what it does, so unless im completely wrong and they are easier to change i think ill have to take it to a garage as I cant be without the car if I screw something up.
  11. Glow Plugs

    Hi all, Ive been having trouble starting my car and i thought it was the glow plugs so i bought a new set. I tried starting it yesterday and the battery was dead so i guess it wasnt the glow plugs. i have replaced the battery and seeing as i have the glow plugs i may as well replace them also as the wife is pregnant and i dont want to have starting issues in the cold weather. Ive had a look at the engine and all i can see is the injectors. Are the glow plugs under the inlet manifold cover as i dont want to take it off if they are somewhere else. Thanks
  12. Quick Clear Earth Strap

    Looks like its finally working. There is a difference in temperature around the window. Thanks for all help guys.
  13. Front Priv Glass Done !!

    If you used 32% tint doesnt that add together with the already tinted glass and make it darker?
  14. Quick Clear Earth Strap

    Finally got it out and you were right sjwred the earth connection was there. The idiot who fitted the new screen didnt bother connecting it, the old one was still attached and had been cut to get the old screen out. The new screen earth strapped was just tucked in by the headlining. Ive connected it all up now, including the power by the wipers as they didnt even bother connecting them up either. All i need now is a cold morning so i can test it. Thanks for all your help.
  15. Quick Clear Earth Strap

    Thanks for the advice sjwred. I just tried to remove the courtesy light and it doesnt want ot move. I dont want to force it incase i snap something. The housing appears to be screwed but i cant get to the screws without removing the light cluster.