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  1. hi mintalkin: i have had some more suggestions on what the problem with this 2.5td engine noise could be and would appreciate your thoughts, (1) faulty injection pump, (2) sticking injector.
  2. thanks mintalkin i think the guides are ok but i'll look again, any other ideas before i take the head off.
  3. After Marlet Xeon Kits

    hi, i have had xenon's on both my mercedes your supposed to have headlight wash and self leveling/ headlights. no problems from police followed and passed them for thousands of miles in dark. if you get the right kit it should throw the right pattern on the road and you will not interfere with any other road user. get hids that are 4300kelvin these are the brightest and are as near to the manufacturers as is possible be weary of any that are cheap 6000/9000 kelvin wrong colour and poor light, also remember to get a kit that's compatible with the bulb warning system on your car or you will continue to get a bulb out warning on your computer, hids4u will tell you the right kit for your car.
  4. hi, ranger 4x4 crewcab 112000ml turbo diesel, ford/mazda engine 2001 model, tapping in engine, had cam checked and tappets and checked gaps all ok. same noise as tappets same sort of area can't pinpoint, blue smoking, uneven idle, never had anything to do with these engines so would appreciate any ideas. thanks