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  1. Mk 3 Injectors

    Good morning all, I have recently taken out my injectors ( and marked them 1 2 3 4 ) and took them to a diesel specialist. It turns out they are all the original injectors and having done over 150,000 they are kn*****ed. I really don't think it is viable to replace them all as the car is only worth £1000- £1200. Although apart from the injectors it was running fine. I put the injectors back on the car and bled it up to the injectors. After a couple of turns it started ran very lumpy for a couple of minutes the cut out. started it again and it did the same. This is as far as I have got, I keep starting it and it keeps cutting out. If I put my foot on the accelerator nothing happens, it's as if the peddle does not exist. Has anyone got any ideas, as the road tax ran out and I need to get it off the road and into my drive and sorned. I don't want to be fined by the nice people at the DVLA. Any help and advice would be gratefully received. Cheers George
  2. What Else Could It Be?

    Jennie, do yourself a favour and have a leak off test done at a reputable diesel garage. I had the same problem as you and was advised to do this. It took me 9 months before I did this and wish I had done it sooner. This may save you a lot of time and expense in changing parts that do not need to be replaced.
  3. 2004 Mondeo Diesel Flashing Glowplug Light??

    Hi Guy's, I have had the same problems as you. please do yourselves a favour and have a leak-off test done on your injectors. this will not only save you time but also cash. Martin my codes were read and came up with the same answer as yours, changed the pump and still the same problems. I was advised to have a leak off test as these codes can be misleading. ALL THEY ARE TELLING YOU IS THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE HIGH PRESSURE FUEL SYSTEM. PLEASE HAVE A LEAK OFF TEST AND SAVE SOME TIME AND MONEY. George
  4. Injector Codeing

    Good morning all, I was wondering if there was anyone in the Hertfordshire area that may be able to code some new injectors for me, if I decide to get them. Obviously I would not expect this to be done for nothing. Cheers George
  5. Ford Mondeo 2L Tdci Problem.

    Good morning Barry, I have had the problems you are experiencing. Stoney is correct in the advice he has given you, like a lot of other guy's on this site they are very knowledgeable. Save yourself a lot of time reading all the posts and advice on this fault it get's very frustrating because there are so many views on what can cause this. Book into a diesel specialist, not fords or your local mates garage. Get them to do a leak off test and they should be able to determine the cause of the problem. the chances are it's not going to be cheap but it will save time and you can make the decision on whether it is cost effective to get it done. good luck and let us know how you get on. Cheers George
  6. Injector Socket Size

    Good morning all, I have posted in the past regarding the dreaded flashing glow plug syndrome. After trying many different solutions, even buying another injection pump on the advice of an expert garage lol. The best advice I have had, was to go to a diesel specialist and have a leak off test. This done it turns out my injectors are knackered. I wish i had done this many months ago when the symptoms first started. I am going to get mine reconned so i dont have to reprogram them. Can anyone tell me what size socket is needed to do the job.My local factors have told me there is a 22mm and a 27mm socket with the cut outs, both for a Mondeo 2003 tdci.I hope someone will be able to advise me which one to go for. I also know there is a fitting kit for the alighnment, I was wondering if this was really necessary. as always your input would be very welcome. Cheers George
  7. Morning all, I got the socket with the window for removing the injectors as suggested. After removing the fuel lines etc the socket will not drop down over the injector completely. Do I have to remove the top half ie where the lines attach ? your help will be greatfully received. Cheers George
  8. Injector Socket Size

    Hi All, Got the socket and stripped everything back as explained in other posts. the only problem is, when I put the socket over the Injector, it doesn't drop down far enough to get a grip on the nut. Do you have to take the top half of the injector off first? ie the part where the fuel pipes, leak off pipes and the electrical connectors attach. any help will be appreciated. Cheers George.
  9. Injector Socket Size

    Thank you for that info, hopefully I can get it sorted asap. Cheers George
  10. Tdci Fuel Pump Tools

    I was wondering if anyone out there would be able to point me in the right direction in getting hold of a pump sprocket locking tool. I have got another pump with the same codes as the one on my motor, but have been told that you really need this tool. Hire or buy I don't mind. I live in Hertfordshire in case anyone fairly close has one. your help would be thankfully received. Many thanks George
  11. Tdci Fuel Pump Tools

    Thanks for the advice, I will try and find someone local to do a leak off test and post the results.
  12. Tdci Fuel Pump Tools

    Just one other thing. For the last couple of weeks ( during all this cold and snow ) it has been a bugger to start. at first it took ages to fire, now I am having to give it a squirt of easy start. It fires up straight away and it is ok to start for the rest of the day. George
  13. Tdci Fuel Pump Tools

    Thanks Clive, I think I will ask some more questions. Chris these are the right tools, not cheap though. My car is a 53 plate 2ltr tdci ghia x estate ( auto). I have been getting the flashing glow plug lights of doom for sometime, about 6 months. it has got to the stage where if i put too much load on the pedal the glow plug light will come on and in most cases it will cut out. I then restart the engine and all is well until it is put under any strain again. this is happening 2 or 3 times on a journey, especially on hills. I have cleaned the EGR valve and MAF sensor, Changed the fuel filter and cam sensor. I asked a mechanic aout the crank sensor but he said it would not start if it was faulty. also the diagnostic came up with P0251 Injection pump metering control A. so the mechanic said in his experience it is the pump.!! I know this is a bit long winded but this has been going on for a while and i wonder if i am going to be throwing money at it forever. Cheers for any advice you can offer George
  14. Tdci Fuel Pump Tools

    Unfortunately mine is a Delphi pump and I have been told this one will not do the job. I have hunted around but can't seem to find one for the Delphi pump. Also, I have spoken to a mechanic and he has advised me to get rid of the car, as once you have trouble with these pumps all the small filings go right through the system. He said it will cause problems with the injectors and the rest of the system. This sounds plausible to me ( I am no mechanic ) But surely there are many other tdci owners who have had the pump changed and all was back to normal ? I dont know what to do now, repair it or get rid. Any advice From you Clive or anyone else would be most welcome. Cheers George
  15. Tdci Fuel Pump Tools

    Sorry, it is the fuel injection pump. George
  16. Ford Super F

    Hi, I have bought a ford super f and tried to install it on my daughters laptop. It will not work properly, it keeps saying something about the drivers. I probably have not installed it properly and was wondering if anyone has the instructions or a thread i can follow to be able to use what i keep being told is the best diaognostic for my mondeo. Thanks in advance and here's hoping someone can help. Regards George
  17. Can you please explain what d-tox is, I might want to try some. Cheers
  18. F-Super

    Good morning, obviously I have been having a few problems with my car and have put several posts on this site and i must say thanks to all of you that have given some really usefull advice. I thought it was about time I got some sort of fault finder, so I opted for the F-SUPER. I have Installed it on my daughters lap top but it doesn't seem to work. I did get a message at one point about drivers but can't seem to sort it out. If I can sort this out will it do all it is meant to be able to on a 53 plate mondeo tdci.I hope it will be able to re-calibrate the injectors ? Cheers George
  19. Possable Solutions To The Fashing Orange Light Of Death!

    Just an update to this saga. As Mintalkin has said it could be loads of things causing our flashing coil light of doom & gloom. I have already told what I have changed on my car but every one seems to come back to the injectors. I read another post and the advice was to unplug the MAF Sensor. I thought I'LL try anything that does'nt cost too much, so I did. Traveled home from work, about 10 miles, although the EML came on everything seemed ok. Put my foot down and guess what, No black smoke behind me, No flashing light of doom and goes like a rocket. I'm not saying this is the solution but do I change the MAF Sensor at a cost of £100+ and hope for the best or am i just kidding myself that I think i've cracked it. Please give me a good shake if you think i'm kidding myself. Cheers George
  20. Possable Solutions To The Fashing Orange Light Of Death!

    Had mine read whilst the engine was still running and the flashing glow lamp was going. It said no faults. I have changed the cam sensor as someone suggested, also a new fuel filter, egr valve cleaned with no splits in pipework, cleaned the maf sensor. Still the dreaded flashing glow plug light when i put my foot down at above 60 and it kicks in. Could i also have a problem with this actuator thing. ?
  21. I hope someone can advise me with this problem. Traveling up the A1 tonight in the outside lane doing 70. Put my foot down a little and nothing happened except the glow plug light started flashing- no power. Managed to get across to the hard shoulder and realised the engine had cut out. Turned the ignition off then started it again as normal, pulled away and got home with no more problems. Before this happened I did notice that at lower revs the engine sounded a bit throaty, I dont know if this has any bearing. I would really appreciate any advice. Cheers George
  22. 53 Plate Tdci 130 Glow Plug Light

    Thanks for this info, I have got the new sensor but my Haines Manual doesn't tell me where it goes. Can someone please give me an idea so I can see if this works. Cheers George
  23. 53 Plate Tdci 130 Problem

    Hi Everyone, I did post this problem a few weeks ago but got no responce. I hope someone may be able to help. When I was going at speed up a hill on the motorway I put my toe down to overtake a van. The glow lamp started flashing and a total loss of power. I managed to get onto the hard shoulder and realised the engine had actualy cut out. I re-started the car and everything was fine. We were away in cornwall last week and this happened 3 times on the way home on the A30. If anyone knows the area they will know the hills are steep. Sorry to waffle on but I thought more info is better than not enough. I have noticed on another couple of posts regarding glow lamp problems that limp home mode seems normal but mine just cuts out. When started again all is ok, If I take it easy up the hill no probs. I hope someone may be able to guide me in the right direction so I can get this sorted. Many Thanks George
  24. Mondeo Zetec Tdci 2006 2.lt (130)

    Can anyone please let me know where the cam sensor is on a 53 plate tdci 130. Thank you in advance. George
  25. A Throaty Purr

    Hello everyone, I hope someone may be able to help. When I pull away and get to about 1500 rpm the engine sounds a bit throaty or a deep purr. this is more noticable if I am on a hill. The motor is a 53 plate 2.0ltr tdci auto estate. Any help would be greatfully received. Many thanks George