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  1. Your car will have DRL halogen. So ideally adding the Strips below maybe a better option. So not sure it will be a straight plug and play. As the X model has the LED strip and beam bending.
  2. interested to see how they attach to the car?
  3. Done some research so far and some products. Awaiting compatibility?
  4. Vote 🤥 Who's bored of this led topic? Likes please..
  5. 🤣😂 grown men debating about LED lights...
  6. Hello and welcome 👍😊
  7. Couldn't find any protectors for 2017 model.
  8. Awesome keep the thread updated and pics. I'd like to add front and rear cameras for sure !
  9. Hello has anyone experienced concerns with headlights and tail lights with condensation ? Reading online and handbook it suggests it would dry out within 48 hours however mine haven't. Ive tried with the hose pipe to check for ingress but appears when I dry the vehicle. What are your thoughts ? No heat generated inside as they are LED projection lights etc... Also trying to locate a bonnet projector or bra ? Retailers ?
  10. Hope you win. How will you interface with the new sync 3 system?
  11. Great work Alan, Where did you get your taillights from ? Thanks Pat
  12. Has anyone successful upgrade their kuga to have pfm? Also anyone fitted a bonnet protector ? lastly DRL just ordered a set off eBay. Easy to fit ?
  13. How do you fit a reversing camera to the sync2 system ?
  14. Any joy Tezza? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC