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  1. Dunno mate,really, but there might be a drain plug at the lowest point or you might have to disconnect the fuel line,if you dont think you get it all out just keep topping up with diesel to 'dilute' the petrol,diesel lubricates aswell so the fuel pump might need a bit persuasion like a wallop on the tank with a large hammer at the same time as trying to start up,RAC trick that.Happened to me with about 20£ worth petrol,car wouldnt start cos the lift pump was dry,got it started as above just kept filling up,petrol floats on the diesel,left the filler off for a while to see if some petrol would evaporate -got that off the web- suppose the mechanics and elitists might scoff at this but never had any bother since tho and that was about 13k miles ago.
  2. I have a Focus TDCI 1.8,The engine system fault digital readout came on along with the red light,anywhere from just after setting off to maybe 16 miles,no codes stored in the self diagnostics,car was very underpowered,turbo didnt kick in at the usual 1500 revs- not all the time though,now I dont know what it is I aint a mechanic and dont have a manual but was having a look under the engine cos it sounded as if the zorst was blowing looked up past the oil filter to the left,noticed a small linkage disconnected.A small 'arm'with a pin with another arm with a sleeved hole obviously for the pin to go in,a c clip must have come off allowing the link to disconnect.Set off for work this morning in a totally different car,smooth as you like-feel the turbo kick in again-no digital warning or red light.Hope you could follow this. I wasnt going to pay over the odds to be told ford cant find a fault in the diagnostics,heard too many stories of people spending hundreds following what garages have told them to no effect.I can only assume that was causing the problem cos I doubt spray cleaning electrical connections would do it.