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  1. Dismissive Dealer.

    I've been fairly unimpressed with my local Ford dealer; everything feels like a real battle and far too much effort. It's not just Ford though, I've had some really bad experiences with BMW and MINI (although my local MINI dealer is fantastic when it comes to after sales, but appalling during the sales side of things). My BM always went to one of two independents who were both fantastic. Main dealers to seem a bit rubbish.
  2. Foc Meet - Meguiars Detailing Workshop

    I'm still in.
  3. Ideas On Source Of Interior Rattle

    Doh! Typing too fast on my phone. Although out cat's pur does sound a bit like a rattle.
  4. Ideas On Source Of Interior Rattle

    My zetec s has a rattle from exactly the same place and it drives me mad. I need to take it back to the dealers, there's no way a cat less than 2 months old should rattle lime that. I mentioned it to them before when it was back for poor steering wheel alignment and they said it was probably the rear seats although they didn't have time to look at it.
  5. 1.6 Tdci Remap

    I think Superchips might be close, following some conversations I've had with them. I guess the gains would be 5bhp or more than the 90bhp version, so I would guess 120 plus.
  6. New Sticker

    Not my cup tea either. It's pretty original though. Also if you decide you know longer like it, at least its easy to remove, with no long lasting affect.
  7. What Should I Go For?

    I've had to change to diesel because I'm doing big miles. My Zetec S is doing 57 to the gallon with 4,500 on the clock. It may take longer to recoup the additional outlay of a diesel now petrol is 10p per litre cheaper, however the diesel car is likely to be worth more when you come to sell it as more people want them these days. In terms of real world performance, the diesel is likely to feel better because of the extra torque. The petrol version isn't a rocket ship. The downside is the diesel doesn't sound nice, but then 4 cylinder petrol aren't exactly the best sounding engines in the world.
  8. New Car

    Looks good mate. I need to sort new bulbs out for mine. Which ones did you fit? All I've got round to doing is putting some bulbs in the foot well.
  9. 08 Fiesta Zetec Climate With Tech Pack

    Some insurance companies will ask you to declare factory fitted options. It was a nightmare on the MINI's I had because of the vast amount of bits you can add. It may be worth double checking. Wipers from stealers are mega money. The fiesta pool car I had mine had the history in the glove box and at the last service there was an item for £48 for new wipers! The lease company somehow authorised that for wipers, but only allowed a pair of ditch finder special tyres to be fitted at a cost of £56! Still can't get me head round that one.
  10. Fiesta Zetec S Bodykit Stolen!

    I can't believe that some little toe rag did that. I was surprised how flimsy the body kit feels, so I guess knicking one wouldn't take too much. Hope you manage to sort out for not too much cash.
  11. Mk6.5 Fiesta St Or Mk7 Zetec S

    I went for the Zetec S because I thought the sports seats were more comfortable, the standard wheels are nicer than the titanium wheels and it has no chrome. I know wheels can be changed, but mine is a lease car so no can do. I test drove both and genuinely thought the S was a mildly better steer, although there was nut much in it. The only thing that bugs me is you can't get cruise on the S, I have no idea why. I think the ride is fine on my S, people who complain about it should try a BM with M Sport suspension of a Cooper S. I've had both and the ride was bone shaking on both. I voted Zetec S because I'm not a fan of the previous ST, it was always out gunned by its rivals. I think other junior hot hatches of the time are better; Cooper S, Clio 182.
  12. Automatic Fiesta - Loso

    I don't think its that involved. The fuel pump went on my BM, and I was only charged an hours labour. Having read up on it, I don't think it even takes that long. It can be done with relative ease I believe. The part shouldn't be too much. It was £90 on my bimmer so I imagine it would cost a bit less than that. Have a look at Euro Car Parts for an idea on the parts cost.
  13. Winter Detail (Can You Be Too Early?)

    I did mine a couple of weeks ago, washed, dried, clayed and a coat of purple haze. I put a second top up coat on the other week. It seems to be holding up well. The wheels also have a good few coats of Poor Boys wheel sealant on them now. I hate the winter too, its bad for my car cleaning OCD. I almost regret getting a white car now!
  14. Ford Keyring ?

    This is the one I have: http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=180731531738&index=6&nav=SEARCH&nid=37229910471
  15. Ford Keyring ?

    I got a ford one (like the bonnet badge) from flea bay for a couple of quid. Seems OK for the money.