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  1. Forums!

    Great car forum that is growing steadily just thought id post info up here incase anyone wants to sign up :D www.mycarsevolution.co.uk Click!!!! Cheeeers Spudz P.S if u sign up and post could u say "spudz" reccomended u :D cheers
  2. SPL

    I have been looking for a spl meter and dont really want to spend that much it will just be for odd occasions of use and doesnt have to be totally accurate but will this do the job and be ok? Clicky! thankyou
  3. Hello Everyone, Just wondered about how many miles you get to a full tank or whatever. I know this topic may have already been made but couldnt find one! I only ever fill up £20 - and yes i know this will be affected with the reduced petrol costs, but i average around 60 miles! How good/bad is this? Please everyone post what you get to however amount or half tank/full tank etc and what car you got! Dan xx
  4. American Football?

    bump, we need to know if ppl would be interested in it or any other merchendise also wether its pointless us doin it?
  5. American Football?

    bump bump
  6. New person!

    welcome mate, and better to go with ford :P nice to see a local on here. Im always up in milton i'm based in leighton!
  7. American Football?

    Hi all, :D Me and a few friends have been thinking about setting a business up around the idea of american football. We found that there are hardly any, (only 2 to our finding) outlets that sell NFL jerseys. Jerseys normally sell for around £40-£45 We have found a seller that will ship to us and be cheaper than normal sellers, we are wondering who would be interested in purchasing a jersey from us. We are able to sell for around £33... If you are interested, would you be able to either leave a post or PM with your interest. Please leave details on, what team you would want, size home/away Thanks Dan
  8. Ford Meet Ideas

    I'd be up for it depending on where it is, as not able to travel far due to college and work arrangements!
  9. Ambient footwell lights

    havent got any change now, after coming home from work... will be deffo posted tomorrow on way to work
  10. Ambient footwell lights

    forgot to post it mate will do it tuesday morning!!
  11. Wanted - Fiesta mk4 bumpers

    i have found some bumpers of another forum i use, so should be getting these and spraying em! if anyone wants fiesta parts just let me know as the person im gettin the bumpers from is breaking his car, so its going as spares if ppl want stuff... PM with requests!
  12. Ambient footwell lights

    hi mate, wont be able to pop it round as your around 115 miles away lol ! havent got pay pal mate, so will have to do the cash, will send you the cash in the post on monday..... i would want the blue ones.. any chance of a friendly discount? PM ME!
  13. robfiestared

    yeah i will have! we will arrange something on msn!
  14. robfiestared

    look who it is.... hello Rob, how you doing mate, we will be going out sometime in next two weeks if thats kool?