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  1. Pure Highway Dab

    Rick, No, not using the line in socket in the car. It's not necessary as the DAB signal from Highway is sent wirelessly to an available frequency on the car radio's FM band. Culi
  2. Pure Highway Dab

    Have now installed this. Nice item but downside is that stereo DAB stations are being played back through the Fiesta's audio system (via an FM frequency on the in-car radio) in mono. Seems to be nothing wrong with the Pure unit itself as it transmits in stereo when being used as a hand-held DAB radio with headphones. Any bright ideas out there as to what is happening in the car?!
  3. Pure Highway Dab

    Hi Guys! Any tips on placement/fitting Pure Highway DAB in 60 plate TDCi Titanium? Many thanks :)
  4. 1.6 Tdci (2010)

    Although I've owned and really liked my 1.6 TDCi Titanium for getting on for three years, I've never taken to the snatchy clutch. Any similar problems?
  5. Chili Fiesta

  6. Fiesta Titanium - Sony Console Retro Fit?

    Thanks to all for feedback, but really need advice on whether connections are compatible.
  7. Although first registered in November 2010, my Titanium was built in late May 2010 and "gate released" after the 21 June 2010 audio system update threshold. It consequently has the Ford system installed. Is it possible to retro fit the Sony system using existing connections/speakers? In other words, is a straight swap feasible?
  8. Ford Fiesta Titanium 09 Plate

    My 60 plate Titanium 1.6TDCi did not have the Sony entertainment console, so understand your disappointment! Is it possible to obtain previous model year brochures?