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  1. Focus TDDI

    Yes, I agree, it should work in theory: The engine is pretty much the same old 8 valve lump they'd been dropping into various models for decades-and with a good Bosch pump with no common rail setup. My main concern lies with the electronic sensors which seem to everywhere and doing everything! Perhaps I'll try a little bit and see how it goes...It'll smell nice if nothing else! Thanks for your thoughts tho
  2. Focus TDDI

    Having previously run a Peugeot 405 diesel on a cooking oil/diesel mix (50/50), I was wondering whether its possible to do the same with a 2000 Focus tddi (X). The Pug seemed to thrive on the stuff with no ill effects at all; it went better in fact. However, it's engine was very low tech in comparison to the Focus (and easier to fix!), and I don't want to risk breaking something pricey! I am fortunate enough to have access to a ready supply of waste oil which I filter and de-water. Has anyone else tried it? Thanks for your time guys...
  3. Tdci Focus idle speed

    Hi all- I'm looking for some advice please guys. I've recently bought a diesel Focus Ghia (2000 reg). When the engine is cool, the idle speed is around 800rpm- about right I reckon. When the car warms up, however, the idle speed is around 1500rpm. The car has been regularly serviced by Ford and has covered 103000 miles. Can the idle speed be manually adjusted or do I need to get it professionally looked at? Aside from the idle problem, the Focus seems to run perfectly with no missfiring or farting! Would really appreciate your thoughts on the subject- thanks in advance.....-Simon