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  1. Speedo Not Working And Car Cutting Out.

    Cheers. Don't suppose there is a how to? Or can someone post a photo of how to get to the sensor?
  2. Speedo Not Working And Car Cutting Out.

    Really it's nothing like that on my last two mondeos. Or is it just the focus? Anyone got any ideas on the cutting out ?
  3. Ok so I've borrowed my brother in laws 52 plate focus ghia 2.0 (petrol) It has a couple of issues one minute the speedo will be working and then the next it won't you the needle doesn't move and you also loose the millage read out. Another issue is the at cuts out when Stopping the power will just drop and the car stalls. If you rev the car anticipating this it doesn't. Also the clutch biting point is right at the top of the pedal. Could the two issues be linked? Does it need a new clutch? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  4. My 07 Mondeo ghia x has the power folding mirrors. However the passebger side one folds in without issue but will not fold out again. I can adjust the mirror glass no problems. Any ideas? The drivers mirror works as it should. Thanks
  5. Basically as the title says had a new battery today and cant find my code for the radio. How do I get my sony head unit out to view the serial number so I can obation the key code? THANKS