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  1. So, the epic story ends: it was the in-line fuse on the cable leading from the car battery to the starter and then on to the alternator. The actual resistor is right under the battery terminal.
  2. Well, the starter motor fried, and the cable harness melted on several places... I'll be lucky if the alternator didn't go as well.
  3. Hi all, The battery is fine, everything lights up as a Xmas tree, I had a poor battery recently so I know what the car does when the battery is bad. Plus I replaced it with a brand new one just a month ago... I tried the rocking thing, but no cigar. I kinda think the starter's gone, since if it tried to do anything, there would be a load drain when engaged, and the overall power voltage would drop on the car, lights flickers, that kind of stuff, but none of this happens... The pump whirrs, and there is a single click, and nothing.
  4. Actually, if the car tried to turn the starter, and the starter was stuck, I would expect the overall power voltage in the car to drop a bit and have the rest of the lights flicker, just to show that there was something happening. However, nothing like that happens, just a single click, eventually the fuel pump whirring, and thats it. Could it be the fuse, or the relay? I am presuming the single click I hear is the relay, and the fuse is alright, otherwise the click would not happen?
  5. I wouldn't know where it is, and what force to use :) I tried looking it up on youtube, but I keep getting videos from the US, and I am not sure their Focus design is same as UK market one.
  6. Hi all, Car model: Ford Focus 2005, Mk.II, 1.4 Petrol Got into the car this morning, and accidentally turned the engine, while the car was still in first gear. The car lurched forward, of course, and I quickly stepped on the break and clutch. The car climbed up on the parking lot curb, and I am not sure if I stepped on the break and when the car stopped, released the break while the clutch was still engaged, but the car came off the curb, going backwards. Anyhoo, the car battery is OK, the car switches on like a Xmas tree, all is working, however when I try to start the car, I hear the whirring first (fuel pump?) and then I turn the key to turn the engine, I hear only a single click. No starter motor running, just a single click, and that's it. Any ideas what I have managed to mess up?
  7. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    Just to confirm that my 2005 LX 1.4 Petrol has the same plastic holders wired up and working. Plugged two bulbs I had rattling about, and they work. Just one comment: the plastic holder actually can "twist and turn" and get out of the metal bracket, so if this happens, just make sure you don't hold the bulb and to the twisting and turning cause you'll end up in a bad place :)
  8. Problem Start my Focus! - 1.8TDCi 02

    *tiny voice* where is the clutch pedal switch/sensor/thingie?
  9. Slight Shudder When Braking And Clutch In!

    Well, dont forget the alternator is feeding everything else as well. And charging the battery. On my old '96 Rover, I put the Halfords Heavy Duty battery, not a misfire since. It eats petrol at 10l/100km but thats another matter.
  10. Problem Start my Focus! - 1.8TDCi 02

    Re-he-ally? That might explain defunct cruise control. So, what does that mean in real life?
  11. Problem Start my Focus! - 1.8TDCi 02

    Speaking of which, and completely off-topic, what is DTC 900 for?
  12. Slight Shudder When Braking And Clutch In!

    Could be !Removed! battery then. I was looking for a way to stick in a Halfords Heavy Duty Baterry in it instead of the "standard" ones.
  13. 6000Cd Radio

    The manual says: The "Phone" button mutes/unmutes the sound. No mention of bluetooth.
  14. User Manual

    There is a clearance in Argos... http://www.argos.ie/static/Product/partNumber/3847198/Trail/searchtext%3EDESIGN+A+BEAR.htm
  15. Alright, so I looked at the user manual, none of the fuses are listed for speed/cruise control. On one of the forums, fuses 53 and 29 are mentioned. 53 is listed as tail light fuse (but my tail light works, and the central, and the left and right one, and the break one, all of them) whereas fuse 29 is not listed in the manual... So, anyone have an idea what fuses I should be looking at before I go back and start tearing the glove box apart?