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  1. Mr165 Question

    Na no real reason just haven't got round to buying it yet and yeah I already have the mTune handset I got the MP kit as soon as it came out on it I was just curious if you put the MR map on without the updated intercooler which to be honest ain't that much bigger and is tucked away not really getting much airflow would it be safe here's a pic of my engine bay
  2. Mr165 Question

    Hi there newbie here :) currently i'm running mountune's MP135 kit on my zetec s ecoboost with these supporting mods high-flow induction kit , primary/secondary induction hoses and high-flow charge pipe upgrade the only thing I haven't got yet is the intercooler.Now my question is this would I be safe running the MR165 map on my standard intercooler I know I wouldn't get the full power from it
  3. It's here just have to wait on it getting registered now :D

  4. Having a bra time at crail although it's !Removed! Baltic

  5. Well today's the day my new car should be getting built it's getting closer to actually being here :)

  6. Grrr I want my new car now !Removed! hate this waiting :(

  7. Well that's the focus sold just have to wait now for my new one to be built :)