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  1. I think I would try to get a quote from the best body shop in your area and then ask for a discount equal to the quote. It is very hard to do a completely invisible repair but a real good sprayer should be able to blend it in so it is not noticeable. (He will have to laquer the entire door though)
  2. will it fit?

    Is the Chassis of the car different? I know they have face-lifted the car and all the panels and bumpers are different but if the chassis is the same the tow bracket might still fit, do you agree? It is very easy to remove the bumper so I might just take it off and experiment. Failing that do you know of an outlet that sells them for the 2008 c-max? I have looked but can only find them for up to 2007 model year. Thanks Nixy
  3. will it fit?

    Just taken delivery of a new 1.8 TDci C-max Zetec, I had the 2005 1.6 before. I have removed my towbar from the 05 car and want to know if I can fit this to my new car? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.