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  1. Spare Tyre, Ford Focus Zetec 2009

    Hello, I have a 09 ford focus zetec. It came with a full size spare. I want to replace the full spare with a space saver but have been having difficulty finding one, or finding the right info about it. I've tried ringing local dealers and tyre companies. The most I have found out is that Ford do not list a space saver for my model. I don't know if that means I should not try and get a 2nd hand space saver from say ebay. I also wanted to find out about the inflation kits, but again it is not listed for my model, only newer. Does the inflation kit work with standard tyres, or do they need a speial type of tyre? I presume changing the type of tyre would technically count as a modification for insurance purposes? Also on this issue of the inflation kit, if I was to get breakdown cover with say RAC, or AA, does anyone know what would they do (or charge) if I had a flat, but did not have a spare? Thanks in advance for any info. I'm stuglling to find out about this of the internet, and when I phone anyone I am getting "computer says no" type answers, and no useful advice as to what I could do.
  2. Hi, Any advice appreciated. I want to be able to use my iPod touch with my ford focus (2005) car audio. I wanted to check the back of the radio to see if I can wire up a 3.5 mm jack in to it. (Or an iPod cable) I have been trying to remove my 6000 CD radio (the one with the volume control in the centre and the slot keys - with one flat edge and the other curved) but have been having problems. I have 2 keys but am unable to remove the radio. I can get the keys in, where they seem to "engage" the clips, but once they are in I cannot disengage them, abd the radio does not seem to budge. I have been using a lot of force, and havn't been able to get the radio out. I think I may have some of the clips "unlocked", but the radio does not seem to come out at all even on the sides where I think I have opened the clips. I'm not fully sure what I did to get some of the cips open, or if they even are open. I am a bit concerned about the amount of pressure I did use. Any advice, or tips on how to get it out? I notice what seems like the clip, a "U" or "n" shape in the slot, where it is possible to put the removal key above or below it. I'm not sure wher I should be trying to put it. Alternatively, if there are any good replacement radios that anyone can recommend I would appreciate hearing about them (I have foudn internet searching difficult). I might just opt for paying a garage to fit it. Primarily I ant iPod "input" and if possible controllable from the steering controls. After that, if Sat Nav, and then bluetooth are also available in an afordable replacement unit it would be a bonus! Thanks in advance for any help/advice.