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  1. Upgrading The Speakers

    ITs a JBL GTO 80.4 amp 80 rms per channel but the quality is brilliant, sorry about the late reply
  2. Upgrading The Speakers

    i have vibe black air 6" in the front running of a stereo 4 vibe amp and vibe black air 6" and 6x9s in the rear wall running of my favourite jbl amp (personally i thin kthe amp has brilliant quality), took me so long as i had no guide and was triple checking every thing to make sure there was no mistakes, and of course there was a problem at the end( amp would not turn on) but turned out to be the delta box. all just took time, have plenty of experience fitting ICE in all types of cars :)
  3. Upgrading The Speakers

    I have a 3 door Mk7 i reckon it took me about 20 hours to fit it all, not sure what you mean by configuration, to me its sounds much crisper, very much louder and much bassier, just going around trying to find rattles now :/
  4. Upgrading The Speakers

    I have fitted all my ICE myself, i am running a set of ampped 6" in the front doors with ampped tweeters, and a set of 6x9's ammped and 6" ammped in a fake wall which replaces the shelf as well as my vibe black death sub :) any questions about fitting i think i can help :)
  5. Subwoofer To Standard Stereo?

    Hello , i have stuck with the stock non-sony head unit, running off this is my sub , 6x9s and 6"'s in a fake wall on the back shelf and also a set of 6" in the front doors, if you need help setting up i could give you a hand :)