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  1. Hi Guys Did some wonderful driving on Friday through Snowdonia in my 06 Mondeo TDCI Titanium X - nothing too taxing, just good touring. I did however make a comment to the Mrs that the cat's eyes seemed quite savage however, but didn't think anything else of it. Parked up on Friday night, nothing obviously wrong. Came to drive off yesterday morning and immediately noticed an obvious noise whilst steering at low speed. Sounded dead clunky and generally rough, but steering weight and power steering appear normal. Then noticed bangs and grumbles over bumps. I've done the bounce test at the front offside where the noise seems to come from and when pushing down, it makes the same noise. I'm thinking the shocker on the driver's side front has probably kicked the bucket (don't think they've ever been changed and the car has just passed through 71k miles) but on having a closer look this a.m. - I've noticed the spring looks a little weird and out of shape (see attached images) and certainly different to the front nearside. The shocker, though looking cruddy and old, doesn't appear to be wet or oily. but the shocker appears out of line and the black rubbery/plastic gaiter thing is touching the outer (wheelside) of the spring - either that shocker is bust or the spring has split and moved? Can anyone advise please as I am not confident in moving it anywhere at the moment - save as to the garage! Typical that it's happened at the Bank Holiday weekend... Thanks !!
  2. Hi everyone, My 2006 TitaniumX 2.0 TDCI (130) MK3 Mondy had started to feel like it was running a little rough, so a couple of weeks ago I chucked in some of this BG244 that I got off ebay. It's pricey stuff and I was certainly sceptical about it, but I stand corrected now. I've still got half a tank of fuel to go through, but so far the difference is very noticeable. The car feels 'fresher' and lively-er, if that makes any sense... it revs more freely and with far less rattle from the engine. I've also noticed that when accelerating hard, the resulting exhaust is far cleaner - not a dark smoke any more. If your car is feeling a little under the weather then I would certainly suggest using this stuff. I've decided that I'm going to run some through every 12 months or so just to keep it nice and slick. P.S No I don't work for the BG244 people or the ebay shop that sells it ! Paul
  3. 60 Plate Mondeo Stereo

    I had a similar problem on my 2006 Mondy. I found instructions somewhere on here about where the bluetooth module is. I had to remove the plastic trim in the drivers side footwell so that I could gain access behind the console housing the aircon switches etc. If you take this panel off and then look towards the front (ie towards front of car or nearer the clutch pedal side - you might see a thick cable which runs along and then disappears inside. This cable leads to the module - quite a large device (about 4inches long by 3 inches or so) with a white connector. I pulled out the module which was connected to the car by a sturdy metal clasp (took some pulling - beware sharp edges of chassis, I cut my hand when it suddenly released itself). Unplug the connector for 15 mins and then re-attach the connector and try it before remounting the module into the car. It should work then... if so - re-mount the dash trim and hey presto. If no joy... a software upgrade may be needed! Paul
  4. Hello! Whilst the Mrs does housey things, I decided I'd give the inlet manifold a clean. While taking off the EGR solenoid bracket, I dropped a nut right into the depths of the engine. I heard it roll so I'm content that its right on engine bay floor. Should I panic? I've tried to reach it but can't. Didn't get round to cleaning the manifold after spending ages trying to rescue said nut! Paul.
  5. Smokin

    Hi Tony Got the same problem with mine.... did you get this fixed? If so, what did you do? Paul
  6. Ford Moneo Mk3 Tddi Turbo Issue ?

    Hi ! Did you get this problem sorted? I'm suffering with the same problem! Mintalkin has suggested I also check the intercooler pipe (not got round to it just yet but will do asap (Thanks Mintalkin!) Paul
  7. Hi all, first post from a newbie. Got some issues going on with my Mondeo 06 plate (51k miles) 2.0 TDCI. Car drives well but then whilst at low speeds (circa 30mph at 2k revs), I feel lumpy power delivery - this will carry on unless I accelerate a little. Also, this morning, I approached a roundabout and had to back off the gas when checking for traffic. My way was clear (still in 2nd gear with speed about 15mph) but when I went to accelerate again, I got nothing for about 3 seconds until the turbo finally opened up. I looked in the rear view and saw a large cloud of black - presumably all the unburnt extra fuel pumped in whilst trying to accelerate? There are no warning lights on the dash at any point. What's going on?? I removed the EGR last Saturday to try and solve the lumpiness and gave it good clean with carb cleaner (quite easy, but damn, it was messy!). Car seemed very good, not smokey for about 2 days afterwards My concern is that I've been here before with my last car - an Audi A4 2.0 TDI. That developed the same issues and got progressively worse (got rid of it as it was costing a fortune in garage bills). I lost total and utter faith in that car and I don't want the same thing to happen again! Starting to think that it's either the way I drive diesel cars or the injector cleaner additive I add when filling up is actually poison... as it didn't seem to do this before I started using it... Anybody got any hints, tips or suggestions? Gutted as the car is a relatively low miler and it was last serviced in May. Paul.