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  1. Allo there guys... As you can probbaly see i'm pretty new to the forum, I have recently received some vinyl for my fiesta courtesy of 'DMB Graphics'... Let me tell ya the quality is immense and I would advise them to anyone (They also sent me some nice ford badges in orange and chrome and even one for the key!). Soo, well impressed I am going to be fitting them tomorrow, this part I have done on several occasions for other people but the one thing I have always neglected to find out is how long they are good for, how long do they last before fading Etc. The ones I have are fully UV protected and weatherproof but its just their life expectancy that is confusing me a little. Also I am not too sure about fitting the gel badge overlays, I know the drill but am arguing with myself whether to take the originals off or not, if you know about this the advice would be greatly appreciated :). Cheers Matt
  2. New to this place, Lets see how things go

  3. New To Foc

    Hey there guys, I'm new to the FOC and also fairly new to driving to be honest. My Fiesta Zetec is my first car so I am well chuffed to have it :D. The sketchy photo is my car but I decided to play with it on photoshop, I would be happy to photoshop peoples photos if they wanted me to but I can't guarantee they'll be brilliant, I'm no rookie but i'm not a pro either :). Anyways i'm well looking forward to being a member on the forum and will hopefully soon be well settled in, start some conversation if you wish, if not i'll probably be trying to potter my way around this site somewhere. Laters Ya'll
  4. New Member Looking For Some Advice!

    Hi Christopher, Just a quick question, What model stereo is in your car and is it the doubledin? I have the facelift version Zetec and have a AUX connection that sits to the right of my gearstick, I can plug straight into there and select AUX, I don't know if yours is the same or not, theres a fair few ways you can get around it if not. (I ask because with it being a 2002 model I am unsure whether it is the triple deck stereo that is in your car) Cheers Matt
  5. My Fiesta

    A few of my first fiesta, well chuffed as its my 1st car!... Got a couple of things planned for it but nothing irreversible.