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  1. Hi Zimboni, The fuse is known as Micro3 Fuse. Available on amazon and Ebay. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Zimboni, Have tried removing the fuse 11 for few minutes? This will get your modem number back.
  3. I'm still waiting for a reply on FORScan forum
  4. I'm confused now as well. It's totally different then mine as well. Especially IPMA module. I have requested on FORScan forum for help. Let's see if someone gets back and I'll update it here.
  5. Thank you Ianincheshire. I'll check it out now.
  6. Thank you for you wisdom. I'll give it a go. 🙏
  7. I didn't go for driver assistance pack. So no I don't have AHB. ALEXP999, can you please guide me as to where I can get that data from. Sorry, I'm new to FORScan . Thank you
  8. Yes, they have provided the values to change as well but not all values match with what they already have. I don’t think those cars are from UK though.
  9. Hi Alexp999, i have a camera for lane assist and automatic braking. Is this the same camera used for AHB? It’s a vignale and has got LED lights as well. Thank you
  10. Hello everyone, As per the title, has anyone managed to activate AHB (Auto High Beam) using FORSCAN? I have looked at Forscan forum and some people have managed to do it but the values provided don't matchup with my car values. Thank you
  11. Hello everyone, I had this problem popped up yesterday. Message on the screen and auto-hold disabled by itself. I called up my local dealer who stated that the Ford is aware of this problem and are working on software fix for it. He said that this is SYNC problem and not a car issue. I was told to turn off automatic updates on the SYNC and briefly pull out #11 fuse for few seconds. Problem hasn’t occurred since🤞
  12. Hi Mark-Uk, I’ve just checked settings in my car and can’t find the option either. Reason is we have ecall system. SOS button by interior lights. Pressing that calls emergency services and incase car Is involved in an accident where air bags activates, it will call by itself. Old sync system had the option of choosing emergency contacts.
  13. Hi GermanWolf, I’ve noticed this issue as well. I noticed that the bottom 4 lines aren’t clearing as quickly as the rest of the screen. I initially thought there might be connection issue but then I ordered a tester from Amazon. On tester i’ve noticed that power reduces further I move it to either sides of the screen. Maybe normal but I’ll keep an eye on it.
  14. Hi JohnH, Excellent guide buddy. Thank you so much. Is it possible for you to attache some pictures with this guide as it will help? Thank you once again.
  15. Mine has done 1500 miles now and is giving 38.8 MPG. It's manual though.