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  1. Thank you JamesB, I've just checked on Ford Etis and my focus was just built yesterday. Very excited now. Strangely enough my Kuga just reached 31 mpg yesterday all of a sudden while I was driving on M25. Only around 11 miles journey but couldn't believe my eyes. Filled up a tank with over 400 miles to go. First time ever. Oh well, it's too late now.
  2. Sorry for the delay JamesB, Mine is 2WD as well. Some motorway journeys are also involved.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm in the same boat as all of you. Bought a brand new Kuga 1.5 150PS petrol back in October and been a struggle ever since. It's got nothing to do with our driving style. It's purely the engine. It's absolutely useless engine. Mileage is crap as well and fords have now confirmed not to expect more then 28-29 mpg from Kuga with this engine. I've had plenty of cars before this Kuga and have never struggled so much with any of those. I'm so fed up that I've just ordered a New Focus with 1.5ltr engine which is the same engine in fiesta ST. I'll be loosing out around £900 but at least I'll be happy to get rid of this gas guzzler. After hearing my issues my dealer has started suggesting others not to buy Kuga with 1.5 petrol engine.
  4. Hi Robdav99, As rbitton782 said, bluetooth system does go banana sometimes. I normally pullout out the fuse under front passenger side. Wait few minutes and put it back. Should fix the issue and saves you disconnecting the battery.
  5. Hi Rebecca, Ford Smart repair is provided by the company called Car Care Plan. Number is on the website. Hopefully this will resolve your issue.
  6. Hi RainmakerRaw, Congratulations on getting new car. S-Max is a please to drive and very comfortable. I have done the same thing my S-max 2017. I've removed the fuse labeled Data Link connector. Also, as I have a keyless entry, I've bought a signal blocker pouch from amazon. This blocks the signal boosters from working from outside the house. Plus a simple stoplock steering lock will be a brilliant deterrent. Be careful when removing the fuse though as the fuse is a micro fuse and can easily slip behind the plastic trim. All the best.
  7. Reliable source is a Trustford Dealer who I'm purchasing a new car from. Ford have introduced this charge already while they wait and see what deal we get..
  8. I recently heard from a reliable source that there is now a charge to release a car from factory due to Brexit. £400 for fiesta, £500 for focus and so on.
  9. Sorry, for not getting back sooner. As soon as I get a chance i'll upload some photos for both rear and front. Looking at previous videos, I can confirm that the quality of picture is adequate to read number plates including the rear camera. I had to adjust the brightness on the unit to improve visibility at night.
  10. Hi Jace1969, I am using the same dash cam you've provided the link for in my S-MAX. Been using it for nearly 2 months and have had no issues what so ever. The quality is brilliant as well. I've run the wiring through the headlining for rear camera. Just make sure to turn off the motion sensor feature. It is useless and also freezes the unit. Once turned off it works flawless. Hope this helps.
  11. But RobR, The quality and adhesive is excellent on these badges hence didn't mind paying for it. You're right though DMB were brilliant.
  12. All together it was £43.50 including delivery. This included front and back overlays, Steering wheel and wheel centres 55mm.
  13. Hello Everyone, Send email to Guy named Ryan can sort gel badges out for you. I've recently purchased Black background with red text for fiesta ST racing red. Amazing badges and I went for the full lot including wheels and steering wheels. Hope this helps...
  14. Glad to know it all worked out for you. Enjoy