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  1. Thank you. Will call them later today.
  2. Hello Everyone, Just another update: After numerous tries by ford workshops at various dealers, door rattle problem which was mentioned in another thread on this forum couldn't be fixed. And eventually I gave up and traded the car in for a new Ford Puma. It was a factory order and picked up on Friday last week. Now everything is working fine on Sync 3 and it's all unto date. Only issue I'm having it activating Live traffic. When I go to my ford account it asks me to activate 2 year free trial and I go through the motion to activate it. Once I click confirm activation button nothing
  3. https://ivsubinaries.azureedge.net/owner-package/10507861069573772965/Map_22631088687_Update.zip?utm_source=FordOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_campaign=referrals This is the Alexp999 link. Hope this helps
  4. Further Update: hello everyone, As promised, ford CS have managed to sort my dad’s car issue. They re enabled live traffic in ford pass account which was missing and that enabled the traffic option in fordpass connect option. Only issue now is that I can’t enable Hazard option still.
  5. Hello everyone, Just an update: I've raised the issue with CS. They'll get back to me within 72 hrs. Will update you all once I hear anything further.
  6. Hi Andry55, yes 20 months remaining. He already used 4 months out of 24 months.
  7. Hi everyone, just managed to update dad’s car properly using Alex’s map update link provided on this forum. Took around 2 hours. After cycling the system I still had problems with voice navigation. Did a master reset and everything is working like a charm now until I noticed that my live traffic and hazard is greyed out. Unable to enable it. I’ve tried everything but it won’t work. Then I check my Ford account and it shows I have no subscription even though I’m supposed to have another 20 months left. Has anyone else had this issue? Thank you
  8. Hopefully it will stay like that from now on. I think every time apple updates ios, all the apps takes time to settle with the new files.
  9. Sorry, I know it might be a silly thing to say but have you tried turning your phone off and on again. I had the same issue last week. Fordpass app was showing the highest usage even though I wasn't using it at all. Switched the phone off for about 5 mins and since then everything is fine. Even now it shows 2% background activity. Hope this helps.
  10. Just an update: i got my car and there was a message that my sync has been updated. Did a search for update and it won’t work at all. When I put my VIN on update site it shows as software is upto date but a map update is required with file size of 14Gb only. Nothing changed for dad’s car.
  11. Nope, Still showing nothing at all.
  12. Thank you Alex.S, So I'm not the only one then. Thing is, when I search update for my car which is Focus Vignale it shows a map update with size of 14GB. If you search sync update directly on the car then within 5 mins it shows an update and starts download but it is very very slow.
  13. Hi Everyone, I did update on dad's Focus Active X to latest sync firmware, uploaded the xml file and now it says it's updated but maps option has disappeared from the ford update site. It says software is updated. Anyone else having the same problem?
  14. Forgot to mention that I've got F9 maps on two cars using Cyanlabs method and been using F9 maps for last 2 months without any problems.
  15. Hello everyone, I've updated 3 cars with latest sync 3.4 from Edge Vin number. Got the xml file for all three and keeping them safe to update at a later stage. It was quite simple and straightforward procedure. Took around 28 mins. I upgraded Sync on Fiesta ST, Focus Active X Vignale and mine Focus Vignale. I have switched off wifi and auto update for the time being as well. It's quite smooth and everything is working as expected.🤞
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