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  1. St Upper Grille On My Zetec S?

    thanks mate. Im a bit new to these forum things, and am unsure what you mean by a "link". If you mean where is it from, i just went into ford and ordered them
  2. St Upper Grille On My Zetec S?

    the strip is to be black, not sure what way im going to go about it yet. If i am to paint it i am considering painting the mirror fairing too.
  3. White Focus

  4. St Upper Grille On My Zetec S?

    Grille now fitted, Wind deflectors fitted. Big thanks to http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/user/21262-rh1no/. Also massive help having the walkthrough from http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/user/28356-tdcist/. Cheers guys, next stop is the chrome bonnet moulding.
  5. St Upper Grille On My Zetec S?

    Can you just go into a ford garage and ask for this part? i only ask because it is hard to find any online with ford.
  6. St Upper Grille On My Zetec S?

    Yes, question answered. It looks great too. Going to move on to finding one now. thanks :D
  7. I have a zetec s, I want to swap the upper grille for a ST one. Has anyone any experience in doing this? I have seen a comprehensive guide on these forums to changing out an upper grille, but I am unsure if the grilles are an identical fit. Also finding an genuine ford st grille seems almost impossible, do ford even sell them? Sorry if this question has been asked before, Thanks for reading ;)
  8. New Focus Zetec S 2.0 Owner

    I am looking into powdercoating my wheels black too, would look awsome. I think some wind deflectors might look good on the windows. The chrome trim on the bonnet I want to either replace or wrap in black, but not sure how that would look on yours.
  9. I have been on these forums before, trying to help my mate with his rs2000. But now I have a newer focus and want to change a few bits. Im hoping to find good advice on here. :)
  10. Blowers Out Of Control

    Will be able to sort the problem out now much cheeper thanks to your help. i drive an 1800tdci so it sounds good to me. thanks again!
  11. Blowers Out Of Control

    Will go and investigate this. thanks. It is exactly what you said. about 1 inch on inside of bend. will take the p/n if you have it.
  12. Blowers Out Of Control

    Will go and investigate this. thanks
  13. Blowers Out Of Control

    Looks like i was completly wrong. just heard wife drive my car up the the street and it made a right racket which sounds like air eacaping from pipe between the turbo and the intake manifold! sounded like the blowers from inside tho. thanks anyway m8
  14. Hi, During a long journey I noticed the that the blowers had started to increase in speed whenever I accelerated. I swiched off the blowers completlely and it still happens. The speed of the fan does not exceed level 4, so if the fan is set at level 4 the problem is hidden. The speed of the fan seems to be directly conected to the workload of the engine(eg in 1st gear you have to floor it to force blow, and in 5th you only have feather it for it to come on full blast). Has anyone else experienced anything like this? thank you Problem found!! will delete this thread as soon as i work out how to.