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  1. Happy Birthday Kelly Ireland!

  2. My Fiesty

  3. Ford Fiesta Mods

    Hey folks Ive got a wee fiesta zetec too, just a baby 1.25 and am looking to modify it :D I love the modification scene but I am finding it difficult to find a decent exhaust, all thats on offer are little miss daisy pea shooters, peco pea shooters but all the same a pea shooter I really want a twin pipe. Any Ideas folks? Any one looking to do some modificiations I would definately recommend Limo Tints it changes the image of the car immediately and gives it a more sporty look. Get some stickers on there too :D
  4. Wee Zetec Owner

    Hi Guys I currently own a fiesta Zetec, just a baby 1.25. Im right into modifications and looking sporty! struggling to get some sport parts like a nice decent exhaust twin pipe none of this peashooter nonsense!! Coming on here to see what ideas you guys have got :D