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  1. engine issues

    I stripped the pipes out over the weekend and found one of the fuel return pipes was badly cracked, so I replaced them. After reassembly of all the pipes I now can’t get the engine to fire. I am not seeing any fuel coming down the fuel pipes from the pump. I know there is fuel getting to the pump but it doesn’t seem to be forcing the fuel down the lines. Any Ideas?
  2. engine issues

    Thanks, Ill have a look over the weekend.
  3. engine issues

    It isn’t as bad when it gets to temperature but it’s still present Sounds like this
  4. engine issues

    Hi all, I have an issue with my engine that I’m having trouble diagnosing. When the car is running idle I get a lot of white smoke from the exhaust and the engine coughs. The smoke smells a bit like oil or diesel being burn off but I know white smoth mean water. I thought it might be the head gasket but I don’t seem to be losing much water or oil and it only happens when idle Car is a mondeo estate diesel 1996 Anyone know what the issue could be?
  5. Will not start

    Just got back home and looked at all the fuses. They all seem fine. I put my key in and and turned it to start it and the windscreen wipers came on. Im going to have a guess and say its an electrical issue.
  6. Alarm Keeps Beeping!

    I had a similar issue but after replacing the bonnet switch it fixed the issue. You can just remove it but the alarm might not come on but its a good test to see if it is that switch.
  7. Will not start

    Hi, I just signed up to see if you lot could give me any suggestion about what could be wrong with my car. I own an estate 1.8D LX 96 N reg This morning I put my key in the ignition and let everything charge up as normal, waiting until all the lights went out. Then turned the key to start the car and all the needles went to the right and then that was it, the engine didn’t even try to start. Now every time I try to start it nothing happens. I thought it might be the battery so I tried jumping it but no sign of life. The lights in the car, central locking etc work fine, just not the driver’s console. I was thinking that there was a surge and it blow one of the fuses, which I’ve not had time to look at right now as I had to get to work. Could it be the ignition barrel? Any suggestions would be great.