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  1. Navigation

    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone could shed some light on a option on a Focus ST3, its stated that the car comes with Low Level Navigation/CD unit has anyone seen or even no what model unit this would be? Thanks
  2. Word Association Game

  3. Can you get aux in on a mk6 fiesta?

    You will have to change the radio unfortunaltely, i no for sure that you can only have an aux connection if you have the model radio with the Aux button any other model just will not work!!!!!
  4. Word Association Game

  5. Can you get aux in on a mk6 fiesta?

    What is the radio you are looking to put into the car? i can then hopefully tell you everything you need to do it and cost involved
  6. Can you get aux in on a mk6 fiesta?

    From your first post i take it you have already had the sub fitted? and just want to install an Ipod or MP3 player through the stereo? If this is the case then you are out of luck as you can only connect an Aux lead to the 5/6000 model radio with the aux button. There is no way of connecting this with out changing the radio. If you are wanting to use your I-Pod and have got a sub fitted then i would look at changing the radio anyway, as you would get much better performance out of your sub through proper RCA outputs rather than a cr#p RCA convertor plug and you would be able to control your I-Pod through the radio.
  7. FOC Age group Poll!

    Also 23
  8. Can you get aux in on a mk6 fiesta?

    What model radio do you have?
  9. focus cassette player help

    Hello mate, yeah you need to buy yourself a facia that makes the gap the correct size. If you go to a Car Audio retailer (Halfords) and get yourslef the bits. If you have an ealy focus with the 1000,2000,3000,4000 or 5000 tape deck you will need an autoleads FP-07-00 and a wiring connection either a PC2-08-4 or if you have stalk controls a PC99-X07. If you have the later focus with the bigger 5000 radio then you will need a bigger facia which again the autoleads parts is a FP-07-10 and the wiring connection PC2-84-4 or if you have the stalk controls then you would need the PC99-X50. Hopes this makes sense :)
  10. ipod connection????

    As far as i know there is no way of getting an I-Pod connection onto that radio.
  11. Problem removal of Ford 6000 radio

    Cool, well done mate! :) thought it would be a bent Pin!
  12. Interior light & side mirrors not working

    Hi, if i was in your position i would get a multimetre and just check the continuity across all the Fuses to make sure there all working ok.
  13. Problem removal of Ford 6000 radio

    As far as i know you cant get to the pins any other way, it might be that whilst you have the 'spoon' in there you can also put a panel tool down the side of the unit to help push the unit out, as there is a little bit of play in the panels. It takes alot of time and effort but thats about all i can think off, sorry :(
  14. Problem removal of Ford 6000 radio

    It is possiable that the fourth pin does not locate because the clip inside is bent, this has happened to us many times before. You could try using a Non Ford removal key such as a Kenwood key as they have a longer end which should reach further into the radio, once in you basically have to locate the clip and bent it inwards to release the radio. If you are unable to do this you may need to take it to a specialist radio store who will be able to do this for you.
  15. Ford Motorhome CD6006 player - change clock?

    I think, you can go through the menu and manually change the time, if the unit allows you as some are designed to update through the RDS automatically. To do this press the menu button three times and it should bring up clock/date then use the volume knob or seek buttons to adjust time. The other way is like i mentioned, the unit may have to do it automatically which means you will need to make sure RDS is on and leave the radio on radio 2 normally. Hope this helps, i havent had one of these radios for a while so my memory may not be that good.