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  1. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch

    It seems that on the 03 plate, which mine is, the lid is held on by four screws under the rubber base mat. I have a complete lid on its way for £35 including delivery. Problem solved.
  2. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch

    No, its the latch on the actual lid that is broken. Ford dealer told me that the whole of the radio and heater console has to come out to fit the lid but i now find out that it is just 4 screws that hold the lid in place. Ford want £78 plus VAT for a new lid and thats not on for an 03 car. The latch comes out easily and is just a push in but no one will sell that on its own. Looks like i will have to go to the scrap man where the lids are around thirty five Pounds delivered. Thanks for your response.
  3. Hi, i don't know if any one can help but the latch on my 03 Fusion dashboard storage lid has broken. Ford want best part of £100 for a complete lid and do not sell the latch seperately, although it comes out easily enough. Seems to replace the whole lid most of the radio console and heater control area has to come out and i don't really want to do that otherwise a lid from a scrap car might have helped. Anyone got a latch or a broken lid with the latch in at a sensible price and i would be pleased to hear about it. Same if anyone knows where i might get one.
  4. Judder when pulling away

    It was John Grose of Lowestoft in Suffolk. I have no idea which sensors they replaced but it worked. Hope this helps.
  5. Judder when pulling away

    Pleased to say that my problem finally seems to have been cured. The dealer, on Ford's advice, replaced a gearbox sensor(s) and also the clutch (again) and it changed it straight away. Just hope that all the banging has not done any long term damage to anything. :D :D
  6. Judder when pulling away

    They say that the engine mountings are OK but the problem is that it only occurs after about an hours driving so it is not easy for them to check them when all is hot. Although i recently did a three hour journey and the juddering was there afterwards at every stop until it all cooled down. I have been told before that as both clutch and gearbox were replaced, not for this problem, the only other options are the engine mounts or the drive shafts but the dealer insists that they are all OK. It is going in again on Wednesday but i am not hopeful that they will cure it.
  7. Judder when pulling away

    I have a bought a 2003 Fusion 3 durashift and after about an hours driving i get a bad juddering when it pulls away from a standing start. The dealer has replaced the clutch and gearbox and done several updates, under warranty, to the software but still it persists. It only happens for a few seconds from a standing start and only after the car has been driven for some time and is worse if it is loaded. Normal use about town is fine until it really warms up and then pulling away at roundabouts ,traffic lights etc is a nightmare. Any one else had anything similar or have any idea what is wrong, as the dealer is not exactly confidence inspiring and the warranty is running out.