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  1. hello mate did you fit that yourself. because i just want to take it some where to fit it, i could not do that because i have nowhere to do that sort of thing, how much bhp have you got and is it reliable. what do you think i should go for thanks for answering my question mate
  2. car keep cutting out

    i will give it a good service thanks for giving me advice mate
  3. car keep cutting out

    thanks for the advice mate
  4. car keep cutting out

    hello everybody my car keeps cutting out even when engine is warm anybody got any ideas
  5. cheers for getting back. i was wanting about 200bhp either turbo or non turbo but still user friendly my lass still got to use it for work
  6. hello everybody i am new to the site but i need your help i have a fiesta and want to know the biggest engine i could fit into my fiesta or is better to turbo it but my lass has to use it for work so it has to be fast but relieable as well. and where would i get that kind of work done many thanks.