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  1. Took car to garage who diagnosed it as an ABS module failure. They quoted about £800 to repair. However when they cleared it with the diagnostic computer it started again. I drove it for about two or three days and it stopped again as before. Got towed to yet another Ford garage and they diagnosed it as an alarm module fault. Each garage I go to comes up with something different. I got them to change it and it has been starting ever since when I check it each morning. However I have it parked up and changed to a Cmax. I just don't and won't trust the Smax any more. It's now for sale.
  2. Problem with a 2006 (56) 1.8 Zetec diesel S-max (below average miles). Two months ago I parked the car up and when I returned about 20 minutes later it refused to start - it wouldn't even turn over and the message 'immobiliser active' appeared on the dash. On advice I tried the spare key etc but to no avail. Towed to garage where they changed the battery and the car started but no faults showed up on the diagnostic tester. About three weeks ago I went to start it one morning but again it would not and I got the same message 'immobiliser active'. Had to get it towed in again and this time the garage say that when first plugged in a series of faults were showing but they mysteriously cleared themselves without action from the mechanic. When this happened they tried the car and it started. Most recently on Saturday morning I was driving the car to town when it just cut out instantaneously and I had to pull in and park up. Again the 'immobiliser active' is lit up on the dash and it will not turn over. The car is waiting to be towed in again. I talked to the garage again after the latest incident and they seem to think it must be an intermittent wiring fault. Has anybody had any similar experiences. Warranty expired mid December just before this started to happen.