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  1. Frozen White Paint Now A £200 Option!

    Vauxhall Insignia = £100 for white. If everyone keeps ordering white it will soon cost as much as metalic, with a very good PR reason why.
  2. Fiesta Metal Green Arrow

    Hi Green arrow does not come on with my metal 61 plate. it works on my titanium 12 plate. suggest it is new extra. works when changing up gear at approx 2k revs. hope this helps gris
  3. Hi, just a quick one, as i see you have a mk7, we've recently started a forum dedicated to the mk7.

    We are only just starting off but feel free to have a look/register/post and help build a dedicated mk7 community! Theres allready a few guides and a fair bit of info on there.

    Any info/input you could give would be appreciated!



  4. Ashby Ford

    Did the price you paid for your metal reflect that they were in trouble ?
  5. Fiesta Metal

    Hi Thx for reply. I thought they looked black ( as in brochure) Mine are certainly silver ?? Not sure if I should complain, or perhaps it makes mine a bit unique ?? Wonder if it will be like a rare stamp, and worth a fortune ( I think not) Did you get an alloy footrest as shown in brochure ? Regards
  6. Electric Folding Mirrors

    Hi If you order from new it is, comes as part of city pack. Whilst anything is possible, suggest an after fit would be rather hard work. Guess if you had parts from a scrap car and enough time / know how, it could be done.
  7. Fiesta Metal

    Wooder Are the air vents either side of the Radio black on your car ? Mine are silver ? Just wonder if there are any other differences, if yours are black ? Do you have any photos of the headlining in your car ? Everything else looks the same as mine
  8. A Big Hello

    Hi Yes all black except the air vents that are either side of the radio. Seats are black with white stitching. Will get around to pics soon, bit busy with work at present. Plus dirty and no chance to clean it ;-) Being all black does mean the armrest blends in nicely. Regards
  9. A Big Hello

    Hi All Don't wish to gloat,but, I've got mine ;-) White with all the extras. Very pleased so far, fuel consumption is about what I thought, 700 miles averaged 45mpg. Not sure where the £600 for the Sony unit came from. I thought bluetooth was £200 and Sony upgrade made this figure a total of £400. Sure someone will correct me if they think this is wrong. Worth the wait people.. enjoy when you get it.
  10. Sony Dab Stereo

    Hi Yes mine has DAB. It is clearly shown in the display screen when unit is switched on.it also shows a list of DAB channels avaiable as you tune unit in. I did not have to switch it on, it was just there. Also on dealer hand over he pointed out it was DAB. Hope this helps
  11. Sony Dab Stereo

    No, I have a Metal version
  12. Sony Dab Stereo

    Hi Mine has the Sony unit fitted and the writing is white. Regards
  13. Ipod Conection

    Hi not sure of the exact reason why but, the ipod touch uses different technology and does not get recognised (not sure about the shuffle) The only ipod that works is the nano, again, don't ask me why. Using the "y" cable will not make any diffence, it still will not work. I did read something about dividing the touch hard drive into parts and then it will work, but you have to record the songs twice (something like that) Finally, if you read the small print in the manual, it does tell you the touch does not work. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Unless your dealer has already told you... and if you are so minded, don't forget to haggle when the car arives that there is no alloy footrest as advertised in the brochure ( see what you can get ? ) Also the centre air vents are not black as shown, they are silver. Other than that, it is what you would expect.. or may be more. Enjoy.
  15. Fiesta Metal

    Hi Glad you are enjoying your car, still waiting for mine. Did you get the folding mirrors or the rear camera ? When you say you got a great deal, what price did you get car for ? (curious as to where the best price is being offered) Exactly what extras did you include on car ? Just for info; There is suppose to be 1K Metals being made, and as of last week there were 97 left to be sold / made. Reckon you could sell for more than you paid ??? Have fun Gris