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  1. Lowering My 5Door Titanium

    It's a 1.4 petrol so I'm out of luck with your springs. I think I'll go over to my local ford dealers and get some ordered, I'll be getting some 17" wheels soon so they should help with the overall look like Mark MK said.
  2. Hi all, I want to lower my mk7 5 door titanium. I was all set on buying the Eibach 30mm lowering springs but now think it to low for me. Now I've seen a s1600 at the dealers and the ride height looks perfect. Is this ride height the same on all the Zetec S models? and will the springs from the s1600 fit my titanium? Any help would be great Paul
  3. Hi, Does anyone know the ford part number for the MK7 1.6 petrol Zetec S springs?
  4. Diffuser Without End Caps

    Cheers for the reply's. I got hold of a diffuser today and test fitted it when I got in from work. Without the to caps/trim plastic bits :) it has gaps between the bumper and diffuser. So it looks like I'll need them, or I get creative and use some epoxy resin and fibre glass and try and fill and blend this holes in.
  5. Diffuser Without End Caps

    Hello, Does anyone have a picture of the MK7 fiesta rear diffuser without the two end caps fitted? Or have any idea if the diffuser can be fitted without the end caps? Thanks Paul
  6. Fiesta Down Under

    Are the side skirts on the AB35 Mountune or 3D carbon? I can't see them anywhere on the Mountune website, but the ones of the 3d carbon site look very similar.
  7. 17" Zetec S Mk7 Wheel Offset And Width

    Thank for the reply's everyone.
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me the wheel offset and width for the 17" street pack (I think that's the name)wheels. 17x?J Offset ET?? Thanks