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  1. Yes, go to the eBay listing, click on the list of compatible vehicles, then pages 18-19 list all the 2010 models.
  2. Even more annoying that it was working perfectly until it went in for service. The dealer insisted it was nothing to do with their work and that I would have to pay £190 to get it repaired - or £84 not to get it repaired! The credit card company saw my point of view and refunded me after I got rid of the car.
  3. At least your dealer justified and explained clearly what they were charging for. This was probably the issue with mine. I was charged £84 for their "diagnosis" that they "suspected" the switch was faulty. I will never know, as I recovered the £84 from the credit card company and got rid of the car due to their apalling service.
  4. My Haynes manual has Engine Fusebox F26 supplying mirror control switch, folding mirrors and driver's electric window! Well spotted and I hope it works.
  5. I don't understand that as the Haynes manual suggests those headlight bulbs are each fed from different fuses (13, 14, 15) in the engine compartment which are relay controlled. Dealer sounds the best bet on that one!
  6. No, it is 08 to 11 reg. I don't think the facelift version is out yet.
  7. If you touched the bulb feed contact to anything metal when refitting it (easily done) then yes, it would blow the fuse. According to Haynes, it should be F1 in the passenger fuse box at the bottom left. If you have either automatic wipers or a heated screen then check these are working as they are fed by the same fuse.
  8. Hmmm I am not so sure. I still remember my company 1.6 Cortina Estates which NEVER started on cold damp mornings! When they went in for service I usually had to reset the points to the correct dwell angle (and sometimes the ignition timing as well) to get them running properly again. And only 25mpg average to boot. I think I prefer my current car with all its driver aids and 55mpg.
  9. Yes, been there! Wait until you set it and the indicator light comes on - then goes off 10 seconds later without you touching anything. Even more exasperating!
  10. Especially as it failed when they serviced it. It has put me off Fords for life!
  11. They told me that they "suspected" the switch was faulty after charging me £84 for a "diagnostic". It was just the same as the OP's fault: sometimes worked perfectly but mostly wouldn't work at all. I got my £84 back after I traded the car in for a new one elsewhere! The Fiesta Mk7 is a fantastic car but that experience put me right off it.
  12. Ask them to fold the rear seats and remove the parcel shelf during the test drive. That will really demonstrate how noisy it is!
  13. Get it fixed while it is still under warranty. Mine failed after a Ford Dealer service at 4 years old and they wanted £190 to replace the switch.
  14. Haynes don't usually produce workshop manuals for any car until they reach a certain age and sufficiently high numbers have been sold. My best guess is that there will soon be a revision of the Mk7 manual to include the 2014 facelift version as there will undoubtably be a sufficient market for it!
  15. Sounds like it's just the play between the clutch release bearing and the thrust arm and probably nothing to worry about.
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