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  1. Mk 7 Zetec S Insurance Question

    I thought this would be the case, up until this renewal I have only ever declared the mod's I have made, when I spoke to them yesterday they were happy enough to take the other items off for me when I said they were fitted as standard for the model. I will have to get back in touch with them and get a definitive answer. Have already managed to knock £80 off the renewal with some discount they applied so I will see how much of a difference this makes and if they can't provide an answer then I'll have to decide if its worth the risk of not declaring. On the comparison sites I have to check the mod's to add the exhaust etc and on each of them there it has other items listed such as 'Alloy Wheels (optional extra)'. I don't know if its just a ploy to fleece those who aren't savvy enough to question it.
  2. Mk 7 Zetec S Insurance Question

    Cheers for the opinions guys, I checked on Etis and everything was fitted at manufacture so I am leaning towards not declaring the parts, would still appreciate any other views people have.
  3. Mk 7 Zetec S Insurance Question

    Hi all, Been a long time since I have posted, still lurk about the forum now and then though. Renewal time for insurance on the ZS and for the first time it has come up categorising the parts of the Street Pack as optional extra's, adding at least £100 if not more to my premium. The insurance company specifies a modification as "anything which changes the maker's standard specification or alters its performance, including cosmetic changes or any non-standard parts". Given that the Street Pack was factory fitted I was in the mind of thinking that surely this would be thought of as standard spec and thus I could remove them from the mod's list. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Cheers, Mike
  4. Photo Location Game

    I'll give you my next challenge for getting the real deal mate.
  5. Photo Location Game

    Yeah it's your challenge Jim.
  6. Photo Location Game

    That's what I was thinking, forgot that you could get mini replica's.
  7. Photo Location Game

    It's cheeky, I'm almost tempted to say yes tho. I'll leave the decision up to the others.
  8. Photo Location Game

    Marjory Stewart Bruce monument in Paisley, shame about the rest of the scenery tho but dinner was good :-) Next Challenge: Beside a red phone box full car visible.
  9. Photo Location Game

    Just got told off by the fuzz there for leaving my car then I was followed until I left the vicinity, think I deserve the bonus points for that even though there weren't any planes there. On my mobile so can't make the next challenge highlighted until later, away to watch the champions unfurl the flag now :-) Next challenge: Find your cars twin (model, colour etc) and reunite them in a pic.
  10. Photo Location Game

    Bottleneck is defo the word mate, doesn't help that half the people in this city don't know how to drive, especially those boy racers in their 1.2 Astra's
  11. Photo Location Game

    Top level, there are quite a few car parks in Glasgow where the top level is the the roof or its outside anyway so that was my thinking. I've got a mate who has a mate of another mate who has a crane, let me know if you need it :D
  12. Photo Location Game

    It is indeed, part of my daily commute though so I'm used to it, only thing worse is the M8 over the Kingston Bridge.
  13. Photo Location Game

    2 challenges in one B) No idea how those shoes got there, its not the easiest of places to stop. Next challenge: On the roof of a multi-storey car park.
  14. Photo Location Game

    Nice pic dude, glad it wasn't a dingy you parked up beside, would have been a bit deflating :-)
  15. Photo Location Game

    http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p547/glasgow_mike/13fac926.jpg"] Easy :P Next Challenge: Get a photo beside a boat.