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  1. There's a set of these on sale on ebay at the moment if anyone's interested.
  2. I've used some piggy back fuse connectors to take a switched live supply from the glovebox fuse box for my drl's. The advantage is that nothing needs to be spliced into plus you can just remove the piggy back in case of a problem.
  3. On my mk2.5 it only shows gallons per hour on idle. Once you start moving it changes to miles per gallon.
  4. Ford Swivel Badge Removal?

    Rh1no from what I remember that white plastic part has two male slots which has female slots on the lock behind it at nine and three o'clock and has to be pressed very firmly on both sides at the same time. You should hear a snap when it clicks into place. Good luck
  5. Ford Swivel Badge Removal?

    Frustrating as it is the design prevents thieves from opening your bonnet with a screwdriver if they've ripped off your grill. The most frustrating part is that you don't realise there's an anti tamper device fitted until you try to open your locked bonnet!!
  6. Problem With Rain Sensing Wipers

    The auto wipers don't actually work until your moving which is annoying when you first move away and it's pouring down.
  7. Focus Iphone Cradle?

    Have a look at tetrax xway or fixway. They use a special arrangement of opposing magnets to hold the phone to the cradle via a metal disc fixed to the back of your phone case. The main benefit is that it can be hidden in the glovebox when not used to leave no trace for the opportunist scrotes who will smash your window to check for gadgets left in your car.
  8. Windscreen Washer Bottle Leak

    Ok I had a go at fixing this myself. Took off the wheel and wheel arch liner and removed the washer bottle. There is a vertical tube which is part of the bottle with a hole in it as a vent at the top of the bottle. As I sloshed the fluid inside there was a definite leakage from this tube so I capped it with silicone sealer. The other thing I noticed was that the grommet which seals the filler neck into the bottle is not the tightest of fits so again I used some silicone sealer to try and solve this problem. I'll let it dry overnight and refill in the morning to see if I've cured it. Does anyone know if the grommet can be bought separately and it's FINIS code.
  9. A/c Drain

    Has anyone noticed a puddle of water dripping in front of the drivers side front wheel. At first I thought it was a leaking washer bottle but it now looks like condensation from the aircon pipe just above the wheel.
  10. Anyone Fitted The Aluminium Pedals

    I fitted the ford metal pedals but also made an angled frame for the footrest as shown in the photo http://s1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff457/reesmew/?action=view¤t=bb21adb5.jpg&evt=user_media_share
  11. Windscreen Washer Bottle Leak

    Thanks iNath for moving the thread. Unfortunately the level in the bottle drops whilst driving even without using the washers and the drips carry on for about 15 minutes after stopping. It then seems to stop until next driven.
  12. I've recently found a leak from the windscreen washer bottle area which drips down the inside of the front wheel liner. I've got it booked at the dealers to have a look at. It should be covered by the three year warranty. Has anyone else had the same problem? Sorry just realised I've posted in the wrong section. Can a mod move it for me please?
  13. Interior Lighting

    I added some prism puddle lights from halfords on each side of the boot. They are quite bright and only £12.99.
  14. 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Reversing Sensors

    Try placing a finger on each sensor in turn while the car is in reverse with the ignition on but engine not running. Each sensor should click about once every second. If one or more is not clicking then you will have found the problem.
  15. Rattle From Dash Area

    Recently my mk2.5 has started to rattle in the upper dash area. Does anyone else have the same issue. I'm not sure if this is linked to the problem but I found a loose screw in the passenger footwell. I cant seem to find an empty hole though. If I took the upper dash storage cubby out is there anything that could cause a rattle?