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    Are These Really Fiestas?

    Hi i have got a pram in and out easily in my fusion. Good family car big enough but not excessive.Its not goona set your pants on fire but it does the job in comfort and minimal cost.
  2. hendrix

    fusion performance parts

    Hi their mate. The best info i have been given is they are ford fitted as extra in some parts of europe other than that i have no idea sorry. Makes it look good doesn't it?
  3. hendrix

    Too Old At 66

    First sorry for the expletives in my post. But for dan to say that these actions would be over the top and basicly achieve nothing is frankly scary. I always read your posts with an understanding you were an inteligent fairly young man. However if you think that by not complaining because its not worth it, means you already beleive nothings worth fighting for. No matter what your belief you must make the most noise you can. If every pensioner in this country stopped buying new cars ( think of the amount who buy big expensive retirment cars)until they raised this limit they would be on there knees begging for them to purchase anything. If people stick together they could change a great deal in this world and probaly much more important issues than this. To hear a young inteligent man think that someones right to a service should be based on ther age is frankly sadening. Im not an old rose tinted oap myself. Im 34 yrs old and this wouldnt affect me one bit. But its just plain wrong. It shows me that people these days really do think of nothing but themselves.This post is sent with the most respect to mr D gull.
  4. hendrix

    Too Old At 66

    Surley somthing isnt right just because its law. If it is im sure you all drive at the specifeid speed limit at all times. you never park where you should not. your all the angels sent from god. Be real they said the fellows to old . thats plainly wrong if he's old enough to buy a car off them hes old enough to use the services they offer. Some poeple need to get a back bone and stand together when something is wrong. next white males aged between 25 and 45 will be banned for "reasons that are strictly company policy" then maybe you will feel the need to lobby together and help out.
  5. hendrix

    Too Old At 66

    It shows once again the brain dead policies these companys have. Under 21 you must be a maniac. Over 65 you must be to short sighted and brain dead to drive. Disabled well you cant possibly drive as well as able bodied people. Complain to everyone and take a bus load of pesioners down and do doughnuts all round their car park and !Removed! up their cars. Not very practical but it would challenge there sterotypical veiw of the world.
  6. hendrix

    Fiesta Mark 6 Eac Failure

    eac fault is the 'electronic acelerator control' . Your acelerator pedal needs changing and then software updating. sounds more expensive than it probaly is. Having said that it will cost more than a cable used to in the old days. Modern technology youve got to love it.
  7. hendrix

    Ford Fiesta Mk7 Zetec S Tappets

    maybe im out of touch but thought all these engines had cambelts i.e. there are no tappets. 1998 1.3 endura engines were the last with tappets.
  8. has driven one of the sh*t bag cars again. How do Ford sleep at night.

  9. hendrix

    Droning Or Just Me ??

    Mine has no drone or window rattle but a high squeak sound from around passanger front / rear. I know its nothing major bit it does do your head in a little im so focussed on it i hear it with the radio on. I like my fusion its a bit rough round the edges and new a + model cost £16'995 id be !Removed! off if i paid that. Got mine for £4500 pounds three yrs old with 4500 mles on the clock. It was like new only 1150 miles ayear.So i live with the rattle and genral cabin noise.
  10. hendrix

    Ford Ka VIN plate missing?

    Hi just thought id help on this subject. You will have no issues with out a vin plate at mot or when selling as cars made after 2006 (aprx) do not need the old style metal plate due to the use of the other methods mentioned above. In fact cars that have had a plate added may look more suspect if the norm on that model is for the plate to be left off (i.e. it may look like youve changed it to alter details). personaly i feel better with them on but i think thats perhaps were all a little stuck in the past.
  11. hendrix

    A Few Fusion + Faults

    hi there welcome to the club. I have 05 fusion +. the trip computer is controlled on the clock faces themselves theres two small buttons. yours may be the face lifted version if so you will have a small cubby hole above the glove box . if so this may be different from mine, hope this helps.If its s face lift version i have no clue sorry.
  12. Hi there mate. ihave a 1.6 petrol fusion. the tank holds around £42 full to brim. When petrol light comes on i have driven another 35 miles with out problems i did not risk any more. hope this helps.
  13. hendrix

    Scraping noise

    Hi there if this problem starts to make the steering behave strangley when turning corners it could be the Universal Joint needs replacing in the steering rack. Costs around £225 to do. My wifes old ka did the same its quite common on them after a few years apparantley.Hope this helps sorry for the late reply.
  14. hendrix

    Y reg Fiesta - Few Problems

    water pump seals gone then water would pee straight thruogh. also this coulb affect the heater blowing no hot air. Window screen have no idea mate but you could source these items from a scrap yard. the rough idle id start with a full service and then wor k from there hope this is of some help.
  15. Hi there. A member of my family has a kuga and has been dissapionted with its preformance in the snow ( he got stuck) i pulled him out in a fusion ( thats right a ford fusion) . However snow is only part of our weather maybe a month ayear max. Otherwise he's been satisfied. think of it as a large car and its more viable as a 4x4 no its just to tame. If your starting a family a c max would probaly be better. To be fair mate if your wifes just riding round with a nipper aboard akuga is overkill. We managed in a ka and then mk3 fiesta until we were given the fusion (which contray to motoring journalists) has been fantastic. Hope this helps.
  16. hendrix

    A clean Ka is a happy Ka

    I bet you forgot its a free country (allegedly) and you can wash your car when ever you like. You did a nice job by the way. If del boy drives down your street whack a couple of snow balls off his car and test out his skills. As a driver, cyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian the only person rsponsible for coping and avioding hazards is, you guessed it, me. Sometimes all the prevention in the world takes away the skills needed when the worst does happen. Get out your buckets and cover the roads in water lets all have a sliding fenzy waheyyy lets all slide away.
  17. Congratulations on the new car. the way people talk on here every new ka is riddled with problems. There not some have had problems as have new fiestas and every other manufacturers cars world wide do. Drive it ,enjoy it and have fun in its funky colours would love to see some pics of it inside and out. Then when you change it some pauper like me will have and enjoy more years from it. like you said the last one lasted 8yrs no probs this im sure wiil do exactly the same.
  18. hendrix

    Timing Chain

    new fiesta have cam belts mate. they should run to 100,000 miles or 8 yrs some people prefer to have them changed before this. Chains on fords are all but dead now (some one will correct me) toyota still use chains on some models as do nissan. Chains breaking at 30,000 miles naughty vauxhall . chains breaking are quite rare usually just rattle on for years. Belts however do snap but no reports from mk 7 fiesta owners yet. Enjoy your new car mate and dont worry itll be great.
  19. hendrix

    on board diagnostics

    I think its on the drivers side footwell behind a flap of carpet. Cant remember exactly sorry.
  20. hendrix

    Comunity police officers,

    Just had to chip in here. If you dont like the police or community officers doing their job then next time your car gets stolen, your house gets broken into, your wife attacked in the street, you get abused by a gang of youths , beaten in the street. sort it out your self dont ring them. try to find your car or your attacker yourself lets be honest thats who you call first. grow up they do a job and any support they get from others can only be good. yes some are a little up their own arses but if they didnt do their job your shiny cars and houses would be !Removed! over everynight and your family probaly raped for good measure so why not try to work with them for all our good.
  21. hendrix

    erm, can I post up my bike for sale?!

    What year and mileage has it done mate. What kind of price are you looking for.
  22. Sorry if im being a little thick and missing the point or somthing but .... couldnt you just contact the dealer and ask for a sticker. They would happily send one i imagine as its free advertising for themselves. Hope this idea helps. Plus i need to know aswell. Why do you want one im intrigued. :D
  23. hendrix

    Tyre Pressure Observations

    Brill way to boost economy how ever this increases tyre wear so its up to you with brains to trial it and work out if it proves better. basicly tyres will wear out faster.
  24. hendrix

    Paint Peeling inside wheel arch!

    Should we be the ones protecting new cars. Thought it was ford's job to provide a car fit for purpose. Not ones with paint chipping and in this case falling off. Hate to think what this paint work could look like in 12 mnths.
  25. hendrix

    Stone chips - anyone had problems?

    08 ka's (old shape) alredy use these strips. ka's chip around the door areas as well.looked pretty crap on my wifes car but does offer protection from rust. some mazda's also use these. this is an accepted practice in the industry. hope you guys get the soloutions that you want.