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  1. Thinking Of Trading In My Focus For A Fiesta

    sorry its been ages since ive been on here, the latest is i am now the proud owner of a fiesta zetec s. i had to wait a few weeks to collect as it had private plates on it from new. so far ive had lots of fun and definately made the right decision, the only thing is ive realised white cars need washed a lot lol thanks for all the help everyone :D and keep on
  2. Thinking Of Trading In My Focus For A Fiesta

    it's an option and i will see if they have one but my gut says petrol all the way. decisions...
  3. Thinking Of Trading In My Focus For A Fiesta

    i think i do, i think its time for a change pending the test drive i'll be on at the weekend to see what my decision will be thanks for all the help :D
  4. Thinking Of Trading In My Focus For A Fiesta

    thanks willy, i thought about a diesel but i do prefere petrol and i am looking at a 2009/10 model tho. I do want to have some fun so don't want to got to far into the economy side but this seems to be the happy medium. i think a test drive is needed to help me make up my mind
  5. Thinking Of Trading In My Focus For A Fiesta

    thats pretty good as its only a 42 ltr tank and the mondeo is probably the same as my focus which is 55 litres, when the tank is full the computer says 360 but usually can squeze out a few more. still better than my pld rs2000 i was lucky to see 260 out a tank
  6. Thinking Of Trading In My Focus For A Fiesta

    thanks philf1 (got it right this time :s) i am heading back on saturday so will definately give the beans and hope i make the right decision, just a quick question how many miles do you get out a tank?
  7. Thinking Of Trading In My Focus For A Fiesta

    thanks philf, thanks for you post, luckily my focus is a 3dr so that wont be an issue it just the focus is a bit more refined and it was a big change from my previous car which was a slammed mk6 rs 2000. i want something that can be fun (same problem with the right foot ) and be cheaper to run and reliable. im not completly sold on the center console as i personally dont think it is as nice but could overlook if meets the other criteria.
  8. i visited my local ford dealer and i came across a 2009 fiesta zetec s 1.6 petrol 3dr in white and it looks sweet but the dillema is i have a 2008 focus 2 (face lift model) 1.8 3d rand was thinking of buying a diesel to save some money, ive had the focus for 3 years now and fancy a change but not sure if its a step in the right direction. ive checked tax, insurance and fuel cosumption and i am happy with these and i dont want to find out i made the wrong decision. any help will be greatly appreciated chris
  9. Esp Light Stays On?

    Still wouldn't of helped I got stuck too and knew how to switch it off lol
  10. Esp Light Stays On?

    it is fun lenny just might need some new tyres soon!! :D but just worried that it could be a major pain later if it turns out to be sensors etc but im a novice on these thing so not sure where to start
  11. Esp Light Stays On?

    hi all, i have a 2008 1.8 Focus and wondered if anyone has any idea what could be causing the esp to disable? I have been into the dash menu and it wont let me re-activaere it. any suggestions?? thanks
  12. Stereo Mutes And "phone" Appears On Screen

    hi im just waiting on my code now, it does seem to be a wiring problem so hope it will be up and running by next weekend i will let you know how i get on thanks :)
  13. Stereo Mutes And "phone" Appears On Screen

    hi im back home again i managed to get the facia off and had a look but havent found anything obvious but i havent pulled the multi plug out im waiting for my code as typical i forgot my friend needed the serial no. i did notice that when i had the unit out it seemed to be ok and after i reseated the stereo it was fine for about 10 mins then whent into overdrive i will let you know how i get on when i get my code thanks :)
  14. Stereo Mutes And "phone" Appears On Screen

    thanks fernsie and Lenny Im from stonehaven just outside aberdeen, i will happily remove the stereo but in not confident with wiring and also without having a manual which contains my code as i stupidly put in a bag and sent to the bin when my car went to the paint shop after some idot scraped my rear quarter agh! do you both think its the connector itself or a bad join at the connector is more likely the problem? I had a look at the stereo you found on ebay (thanks) if all else fails i was concidering maybe upgrading to the 6 cd sony that you get in the focus st but i may have to wait till next year but i imagine it would be a straight swap? i would really prefere to keep the original tho i will pull the stereo out and see if there anything obvious and ill let you both know what i find but prob wont be till tomorrow thanks
  15. Stereo Mutes And "phone" Appears On Screen

    thanks for the reply tomtom70 do you think its fixable or just better off replacing the whole unit as i was quoted £91 for ford to look at it? cheers