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  1. Where is this oil coming from 1.8 TDCi 2007

    Any ideas guys...? Diesel pump I know is above there..? Is there any turbo feed or return pipes near...?
  2. 1988 Escort XR3i Fuel pump problem

    Is the purple relay good does it click or feel it clicking when you put ignition on?
  3. Where is this oil coming from 1.8 TDCi 2007

    Does the A/C compressor/pump bracket bolts go into the cylinder head where oil could seep....?
  4. Where is this oil coming from 1.8 TDCi 2007

    some more photos of underneath air con pump
  5. Where is this oil coming from 1.8 TDCi 2007

    More pics of oil..... form other side (above) what is in that corner where air con is bolted.....? Had the timing cover off bone dry......
  6. Where is this oil coming from 1.8 TDCi 2007

    ignore the yellow circle and red arrow that was for something else
  7. Hi this is my oil problem that is driving me mad..... focus 2007 1.8 TDCi have tried Barrs oil stop leak..... put in garage mechanic put dye in still nothing....... here are some pics.....
  8. further inspection the spring at the bottom snapped so it was wider, replaced with a new one which was a bit of a pig of a job but all done now.....
  9. front coil spring has half came off while driving along (lots of smoke as riubbining against tyre) well more half of the spring is hanging over the bottom suspension stop/strut M.O.T was only 2 days ago and only drive 30-40 mile since....? Spring does not looked cracked.....? Any ideas on what caused....? I suppose i would need some spring compressors and unbolt the top from engine bay once jacked up...?
  10. been quoted between £80-£100 approx 2 hours been told...? Labour only.... spring £52 for the pair from eurocarparts thats with the 25% off
  11. Rear springs have just failed on me trusty 2001 mondy tddi lol.... is it an easy change for myself to do have changed front springs in vauxhalls before but never rears.... any ideas welcomed
  12. Tddi Rear Box Pipe Snapped Help Please.....

    So just buy a rear box cut my original and slide on and clamp...?
  13. 2.0 TDDi 2001 original exhaust straight through has split just before rear box...... can i buy just a rear box an it slides over or will i have to buy the whole system again...? local exhaust centre want £248 for original..... Theres nothing wrong with centre or back box just the piope has cracked/snapped..... Any help ideas please.... Kent area...
  14. Any ideas............? please...
  15. Parking Sensors

    Have fitted the after market sensors from ebay, on focus, mondeo, mazda, and saab they cost £10 or little more from ebay and work a treat most cars have a plstic strip in the rear bumper which where i always situate the sensors, then if you look where your spare is you will see a rubber gromit somewhere under the carpet run the wires up back of bumper through gromit, take some boot interior trim off run wires along to lights a choc block to reversing wire supply, then position the speaker for sensor where desired all in all bout 20-30 min job and just as good as factory fitted, just be patient a measure along the strip and mark before drilling so there all neat and about 25-30cm apart