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    mondeo 2.0 tdci 2003
  1. Smokin

    turned out to be an injector/seal
  2. Hi All I`ve just had car MOT`d and need another O/S/F seatbelt. Firstly is it easy to replace as there are side airbags, and will a N/S/F fit. Do I have to get a mondeo one or will one fit from other models. Thanks in Advance tony
  3. Shaking Focus

    Hi All Have come on to help mate at work. He`s got an 02 focus and had shaking at about 70-80mph, and has changed so far 1 x drive shaft, both lower arms, ball joints, shockers, and I think bushes on top. And its still doing it so he`s baffled, the clutch was done about 8/9 month ago if this helps with info. thanks before hand for any replies
  4. seems similiar problem that i have, will start and drive but accelerate it smokes v badly and turbo seems to kick in at 2700rpm.
  5. Smokin

    Had pipe off and no splits all vacuum pipes to turbo and egr ok What do need to look at or do next? could it be turbo, egr valve, air mass flow sensor/valve!! as a mate has suggested
  6. Smokin

    hi all Ive just cleaned the egr and manifold but its still v smokey when accelerating or stood then pulling off. Acceleration ok but turbo seems to cut in late. Otherwise it starts and idles ok. The car has been stood for last 5 week or so due to using 2 wheels will the egr or anything else have stuck, or has turbo had it Thanks for any replies
  7. Tests

    Hi just another quick question. Can anybody recommend a good garage for doing diagnostic check and leak test in wakefield area. The replies to anybodys Q`s have been a help so far - no vibrating intercooler/ clean egr. Thanks
  8. seatbelts

    Hi everyone Just a quick question, is it an easy job to replace driverside belt as there are side airbags thanks in advance for any replies
  9. colder weather

    Changed fuel filter and noticed pump and water pump bit oily ( me forgetting to wipe after intercooler pipe split) so cleaned off. Have now checked a few day later and they have a coating but cannot see where from, push fittings? Can I look at replacing anything or am I looking at a garage bil for crimbo. Thanks for replies
  10. Now the weather has changed in the last few weeks and the temp has dropped quite abit the 03 2.0tdci is a little lumpy when first started. Once its had a minute or so its ok, tick over ok to me and drives ok. Any pointers in the right direction would be grateful. Changed air filter about 2 months ago and fuel filter to do. Also is it an easy job to change driver side seat belt with side airbag? thanks tony
  11. Mondeo tdci 130 P0201 fault code.?

    Ive got one in mine, find transit parts on ebay for the blokes phone number and give him a ring. Was fitted by local garage that do clutches. I rang around and the average price was £150 for labour plus parts, the CSS had gone but I had the lot replaced at same time. Was told the flywheel is slightly thicker....... It can seem a little noisier in car, but it could be my imagination.
  12. after reading a few topics on here, i think i need to renew an intercooler pipe. it comes up from the bottom LHS of car and is about 18 inches long and has a split in it, it has an i/d of obout 2 inches and i assume goes to the egr. is the egr easy enough to remove as the haynes book make it sound so complicated. thanks tony
  13. radio code

    Thanks alot for code, the car is not or does not seem to be smoking since clutch been done!
  14. radio code

    Can anyone help need the code for my radio the serial number is M317684
  15. tdci smoking

    Sorry bout late reply, just had clutch done. As far as i can see in rear view its black so will try cleaning egr, but in what? Is it ok to use injector cleaner the hand book says no or is ford just talking crap.