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  1. Poll - i need your opinions

    Thanks for the welcome. This is the other problem, i work in a trade, electrics, but so far, neither my customers nor work mates have took the !Removed! (yes i was surprised!!!). Infact a couple of the lads really really like it. I'm still unsure, but i may be the wolf and not the sheep here and use it till March, when i get MY new motor. At least i'll be saving money by not running two cars until then. Halloween mask is not a bad idea, i've been using a big coat with a big hood on it untill now!! So you dont think there is any hope of changing the Street KA's persona? Anthracite wheels, bit more of an aggresive front end, some subtle skirts??
  2. Poll - i need your opinions

    Hello all, first post so, Hi My names Kurt and i'm an alcoh......... nah not really!! My missus has always had KA's (her grandfather worked for FORD all his life, so family discounts and all that), her first was a standard 1.3, and she has just bough herself the Street KA, top of the range (according to the salesman!!!!) think it's called the luxury. Here's my dilema, she walks to work, i need a car, so it's not cost effective for us to run two cars. I can't buy the car i really want till next March, when i turn 25. So................................ Do i sell my car and use the KA, if so i need to get cracking on some mods to butch that Tart Mobile up a bit!!!! Or do i keep my car. Really i need some re-assurance that there are some blokes out there that drive the street KA (cause i have never seen one!!!!!) What to do what to do...............................Opinions please. Thanks,