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  1. JohnCat

    '07 Temp Gauge And Heater Issues

    Thanks, I'll take a look at that.
  2. Hi all, I've had a search and can't find any similar topics so hopefully this hasn't been asked yet. We have an '07 S-Max, the temp gauge never goes above 30 (about 1/4 mark) and the car heating takes for ever to get luke warm. On a recent 300 mile journey the temp gauge never went over 30 and then dropped down to zero mid journey, at which point the heaters went cold, despite being on max. It was last weekend through the midlands so cold and snowy. After about 10 minutes the temp rose back up to 30 again. Are there any diagnostics I can run. I don't believe the issue is with the gauge as the dial moves to 30, so I suspect a temp sensor but are unsure where to start. Thanks
  3. JohnCat

    Is A Parcel Shelf Standard

    We've just purchased an S-Max 1.8 TDi Zetec, we noticed it has no parcel chelf and the garage are claiming that the parcel shelf doesn't come as standard. Is this true or are they trying it on? I can appreciate it may have been damaged by a previous owner but not that it didn't come as standard. Thanks John