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  1. Diesel Fuel Return Pipes Disconnecting

    I've attached an image to the original post. Forgot to also mention that after the first time it went back, it also occurred on the return on Injector #4. The picture above was taken before I pushed the return back in. Both times I've had to do that they've given a reassuring click and don't easily feel like they would pull out again.
  2. Diesel Fuel Return Pipes Disconnecting

    About a month ago I noticed a leak around the #1 injector. I took the car to Ford, who diagnosed I needed replacement fuel return pipes. A month later and the return pipe popped out of the #1 injector. Ford have had the car back in, checked everything over and gave it the all clear, but the problem reoccurred within a day. I plan to take it back in again, but I'm curious if anyone has ideas what might be causing this beyond shoddy workmanship or a duff set of return pipes. Ford have told me the injectors have been tested and are working correctly, so that's at least one thing off my mind. They also said the return pipes aren't under any significant pressure that would cause them to disconnect. It all seems a bit strange, but this is well beyond the scope of my knowledge. Any ideas?
  3. 1.8 Tdci With Strange Engine Noise

    I know nothing about this sort of thing, but isn't spraying lubricant on a drive belt going to make it slip?
  4. 1.8 Tdci With Strange Engine Noise

    Had three heads under the bonnet at the weekend and we all think the sound is coming from the drive belt area (right hand side of engine), rather than where we believe the turbo is located (rear of main engine body). It's got 92k on the clock and the Hayne's manual suggests the drive belt be replaced at the 100k service. I've attached an image (not my engine, but appears to be same layout) which marks where we think the sound is coming from (roughly).
  5. 1.8 Tdci With Strange Engine Noise

    I'll see what I can find, although the sound is noticeably different to the sound I'd normally associate with a split hose. The ones I've had go in the past have tended to make more of a whooshing sound. I'd love it to be just a hose though. :) Thanks for the assist.
  6. 1.8 Tdci With Strange Engine Noise

    I wouldn't even attempt that myself (I'm a total novice), but would it be a big job for a garage and is it the kind of thing you'd want to trust to a dealer? I assume living with it wouldn't result in further problems?
  7. 1.8 Tdci With Strange Engine Noise

    The sound kicking in around 2k revs makes me think it's related to the turbo. When you refer to it as whistling, are we talking about a hole or tear in piping or something else? thanks for the feedback
  8. 1.8 Tdci With Strange Engine Noise

    I have a 56 plate 1.8TDCi Focus, which has had a number of issues this year (replacement fuel filter, injector and turbo intake pipe), but this latest one I have no clue about. From cold, the engine has been making a strange noise when I hit around the 2000 rev mark, it does appear to ease off after driving for a while, but I have no clue what's causing it and it's hard to describe. It's been happening for at least three months and has been to the dealer for the intake pipe to be fitted during that time. They never noticed/mentioned it and neither did I. To be honest I thought I was just being a car hypochondriac after the injector issue. All being well you should be able check out the engine sound in the attached mp3s. If anyone has any bright ideas, I'd love to hear them. I'm not noticing any issues when driving the car, performance, acceleration etc. all seems as I would expect. car_normal.mp3 car_whine.mp3
  9. Burning Smell Near Rear Wheel After Engine Related Work

    That's definitely a saving worth my effort!
  10. Burning Smell Near Rear Wheel After Engine Related Work

    I must be able to do that! Really appreciate the details, if I have a go, I'll report back. Probably about time I started doing some of this basic maintenance and saved myself some money!
  11. Burning Smell Near Rear Wheel After Engine Related Work

    I appreciate the advice, unfortunately you're talking to someone who's never changed so much as a flat tyre in his life (shameful I know). Will have to see if I know someone who could assist.
  12. Burning Smell Near Rear Wheel After Engine Related Work

    Further concerns. So there's a new calliper on now (I was told the pads and discs were ok), however, I'm definitely getting more heat in that disc that the other side. I took the car round the car park a few times from cold without using the brakes and there was slight warmth in the one with the new calliper on. The other one was cold, so something is rubbing. Can't decide whether to take it back to the garage for more work and more money or keep driving it, hope that it eases off. Haven't had a chance to go any serious distance in it yet, but have a 2hr motorway journey at the weekend. Thoughts?
  13. Burning Smell Near Rear Wheel After Engine Related Work

    Garage reporting the caliper has completely ceased up and needs a replacement, I asked if it could be fixed rather than replaced, got a definitive no on that. Thankfully the brake disc and pad are ok.
  14. Burning Smell Near Rear Wheel After Engine Related Work

    Cheers, I'll make sure they check for that.
  15. Burning Smell Near Rear Wheel After Engine Related Work

    If it was the handbrake cable, wouldn't it effect both sides or does that only work on one side (I know sod all about this kind of thing)?