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  1. St170 Thinking Of Getting 1

    I have one of these they are a lovely car for very little money check out ebay . look for history long mot and take it for a nice long drive loads of spec check the cd player takes the 6 discs and plays and lookm for any speed hump damage under the car.
  2. guys I need the above its a 2002 i priced this @ out local tms but it doesnt come with the bolt rubber washers any shouts on the best place to get a full gasket kit apart fron the stealers thanks
  3. Alarm

    Please advise when I unlock the focus with the key - i dont have a remote key the indicators start flashing and if i dont quickly turn the ignition key the alarm goes off open the boot with the key alarm goes off. The car is a 2002 st170 thanks.
  4. No Foot Rest

    Hi i recently bought a st170 2002 reg but was alarmed to find no left foot rest ! All my other cars have had them it vw golfs bmws even my mx5s have them . can this be fitted thanks.
  5. Spark Plug Change

    no its defo oil I had this on my celica gt4 it was the rear rocker gasket seal on that one
  6. Spark Plug Change

    Thanks for your replys any chance it could be the rocker gasket that needs changing to stop the oil loss ?
  7. Spark Plug Change

    Hello all, I tried to change the plugs on my st 170 2002 reg but plug 1 &2 is jammed tight in and there is oil about half way up each of these plugs!! I did manage to change 3 & 4 and no oil in these advice please.
  8. tried to change the plugs on my st 170 today plug 1 &2 are stuck solid and the hole has oil in it at least half way up the plugsd thats in both 1 and 2 . I managed to change 3 and 4 no oil in there . Advice please
  9. Focus Wont Start Urgent Please

    Thanks for all your support the car is still shorting out rac guy couldnt get it fixed.
  10. Focus Wont Start Urgent Please

    have checked them will call the rac guy out to fix it Thanks
  11. had a mate tyring to reconnect the ford stereo today as someont had chopped the blocks off now the car wont start no dash lights just the fan running ideas please ASAP
  12. Alarm

    Thanks for that
  13. Alarm

    hi not sure as i just turn the key and lock it I think its just a single lock im doing is this wrong ? Thanks
  14. Alarm

    guys just bought a 2002 3 door st focus today it has 2 keys but not a remote one! one is a solid one blue chip. The other is like the remote key but the buttons are solid! When I unlock t.he car the alarm starts going off I put the key in the ignition to stop it ! Any ideas on whats the problem please